Tip Tuesday: An Easy Freezer Meal

I discovered and fell in love with these banana oat bran pancakes from week one of my eat clean challenge. Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food and these are healthier than my Bisquick alternative.

With our party of three there are pancakes usually leftover and that is where today’s tip comes in handy! So what do you do with your remaining pancakes?? Well you can toss them. Give your dog a nice breakfast. Have a pancake Frisbee tournament in the backyard. Or you can freeze them like my friend Skyla does! Yep pop those babies in the freezer for a quick breakfast on mornings you have no time to stand over the stove. Some pancakes can be easy to whip up, but then remember all the dishes you have to clean. Cooking + cleaning doesn’t = a quick breakfast.

You can also use the frozen pancakes for teething children. I used to give Lily frozen waffles to gnaw on. The cold helps numb the gums and after time the waffle/pancake becomes soft enough to eat. Teether and snack combo!

Another plus….frozen pancakes make for a better Frisbee tournament!

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  1. mckay commented:
    October 2, 2012 Reply

    never would’ve thought about freezing pancakes!! 🙂

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