Tip Tuesday: Another Use For A Toothpick

The creation of the toothpick is right up there with The Pet Rock and Post-It. I mean really….a small stick people use to eat cheese and tappas with…genius.

Mike always grabs one when we leave restaurants to pick his teeth on our drive home…an act that always grosses me out….but then I use them to clean my nails at times, an act that can give others the heebie geebies too. Today’s tip is another way to use those tiny pieces of wood.

Have you ever had a spill over while trying to steam broccoli or cauliflower? The boiled water starts to fry and turn black. The kitchen smells like you burnt something and the cleanup blows! Usually the problem is too much water or food in the pot, or the heat is too hot! If neither of these two are your issue then next time place the tip of a tooth pick in between the lid and the pot. You will make a small enough hole to allow some steam out while the opening will still be small enough to steam your food. For items like rice you usually have to take the pot of the heat or simmer it on low, so no need to use this it.

Don’t worry about having a boil over and making your husband assume you burnt dinner again…just use the amazing toothpick!

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