Tip Tuesday: How NOT To Store Bananas

Have you ever googled “pinterest fail”? DO IT! The photos and stories people share are hilarious.

Pinterest has become an obsession for many people…including me. I have found myself turning to Pinterest instead of Google to look up things such as “Holiday wreaths”, “toddler meals” and “cardio workouts”. The site has inspired me to attempt DIY projects and test out yummy recipes. Sometimes the projects go pretty bad and become a source of amusement for Mike. Today I decided to tell you about a Pinterest fail that I tested out a week ago.

Tested Tip: To keep your bananas fresh longer wrap the stems of the bunch with foil.

Conclusion: Didn’t work for us. After two days our bananas were turning and brown spots were showing.

After searching the web I saw that instead of foil you should use plastic wrap. I also read that you should separate each banana to keep them from ripening quicker. Hmmm…..

Another option is to store the bananas in the refrigerator once they are yellow. The skin might turn brown or black, but the inside of the banana won’t be brown.

So whatever way you choose good luck…all I know is that wrapping the stems of  a banana bunch with foil does NOT help!

And for a laugh check out all the funny pictures people upload to Instagram with their hilarious attempts at Pinterest DIY projects and recipes (try #pinterestfail). And if you want a delicious banana bread recipe try this one it’s my favorite!

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