Keeping Her Busy: An Activity & A Recipe

Keeping a kid busy with food…how original huh? Giving your child food just to shut up and stay busy is something I don’t agree with. But sometimes I like to take advantage of snack time with some fun finger foods that will keep Lily busy in her highchair so I can fold laundry or wash some dishes!

Most of the time Lily carries around her snack cup with Cheerios or Goldfish while we continue reading or playing with a toy. Apple slices are always a favorite snack, but I always stay near for fear of choking!

Last week we used Lily’s snack time as a way to keep her busy in her highchair while we assembled our Christmas tree. I know it’s really early but I wanted it up before we left for Thanksgiving. I enjoy not having to worry about Christmas décor after returning from holiday break!

I’ve been wanting to try the pumpkin fluff recipe that is all over the internet and giving a toddler any kind of finger food with a dip is means for an awesome time…for baby and the parents!

The pumpkin fluff recipe is so simple. Mix 1 tub (16oz) of Cool Whip (I used fat-free) with 1 box (5 oz) instant vanilla pudding mix, 1 (15 oz) can of pumpkin and a few shakes of  pumpkin pie spice. Make sure you keep the empty Cool Whip tub to store any leftovers. For Lily’s snack I put some fluff in a small bowl and gave her some Back To Nature Honey Graham Sticks to dip.

To change it up you could try using cream cheese pudding mix and use strawberries or sliced apples as dippers. I made a bowl for Mike and me topping ours with crushed cinnamon graham crackers. It was delicious and so quick to put together.

I showed her how to eat it and naturally she stuck out a portion of her tongue for a taste test. She didn’t need her typical second try…she went to town dipping, licking and spreading the fluff all over her tray. She ditched the graham cracker sticks and started using her fingers.  She was completely fascinated.

Watching her take pleasure in this simple activity almost made me forget to finish the tree. Her snack time/activity was a success. The tree went up while Lily was preoccupied. Plus playing with the crackers and fluff was great sensory play. Winning!!!


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