Keeping Her Busy: Cloud Dough

Oh those days of just holding Lily in my arms while she slept or playing tummy time on the floor with a rattle are looong gone. Keeping a toddler busy is tough.

Lily has the attention span of a gnat most days. Her fickle concentration goes from one book to another book…to another…to tossing a block at the wall…back to book one then book two…to the toy the dog is attempting to chew…then challenging my authority as she quickly flings open the pantry door frantically trying to grab anything like Splenda packets and makes a mad dash in the opposite direction as me with eight packets of sugar in hand.

Some days she can be totally focused on her toys and I can enjoy a cup of coffee or wash some dishes without being on Splenda duty. Now toss in her recent teething pains and early appearance of the terrible twos and some days I’m drained by 10:30 am.

So this leads to a little series called Keeping Her Busy that will contain some of the activities we are pulling out of our ears to keep my little gnat engaged and active while teaching her a thing or two! And Please if you have any ideas please share!!

Today’s activity was experimenting with cloud dough. Take 8 cups of flour and mix it with 1 cup baby oil and you are left with a super soft flour that is easily molded. Since Mike and I were on hand we kept Lily from attempting to eat it…next time I will use olive oil instead so I don’t have to worry about her digesting baby oil.

I placed the cloud dough in a large Tupperware container and let her have at it out in the back yard. At First she was inquisitive. We gave her a few plastic shovels and my mixing cups and then she had a field day!


Her favorite part was when Mike would burry her tiny hands and she would break free. I live for those giggles.

Clean up was a cinch. Since we were in the back yard we just hosed down the pavers. I covered the Tupperware with the matching lid and saved it for more playtime the next day!

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