Kid Proofing: Your Kid

Outlet covers…check. Hiding any exposed wires…check. Door and drawer locks…check & check!

Kid proofing your home is a never-ending task. You think that the new safety lock you installed on the drawer will work…then your kid learns how to use their middle and pointer fingers as tweezers to snatch up your lip gloss between the small gap the drawer’s lock provides (true story!).  Once you cover or remove one item you will find another object in your home that could cause harm. Sometimes that object is your actual child!

Next week we are heading up to Pittsburgh to visit Mike’s family for Thanksgiving. With the hot weather in Florida Lily is typically barefoot in the house as she runs around. With the colder temps up north she will need to wear some socks.

Her feet have slowed a bit on growing so I finally got her some boots for our visit. I have put the boots on her a few times and it is hilarious to watch her stomp around. It’s like a newborn Bambi trying to walk on fresh legs! She loves to take the boots off so I knew that I would need to figure something out to keep her feet warm, but keep her from sliding on my in-law’s wood floors.  Cue the hot glue!

When Lily wears socks she is slipping and sliding like an ice skater and it has disaster written all over. To kid-proof my daughter I flattened out a few of her socks and placed a dallop of hot glue to the bottoms. After they dried, I let her test them out on our floors and it worked! The hot glue gives her enough traction to run around and gives this momma a piece of mind that she won’t slip and fall so easily!

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  1. mckay commented:
    November 15, 2012 Reply

    great idea!!! can’t tell you how many times b has slipped on our floors 🙂

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