Miss Piper’s Preppy In Pink First Birthday

Let me introduce you to one of Lily’s first girlfriends…the sweet Miss Piper and the adorable Preppy In Pink first birthday her momma Rachel created!

Miss Piper is always sporting the biggest bows and lovely smocked frocks so a Preppy in Pink themed birthday was very fitting. From the charming gingham invitations from Emily Ley to the monogrammed petite fours this party was the epitome of southern prep!

The party was held at the gorgeous lakeside home of Piper’s Fancy (Rachel’s momma). Pulling down the dirt road Lily screamed in glee at the horses on both sides of the property! On the delicious brunch menu were skewered bacon and fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, mini white powdered donuts, mini quiche, salad, cookies, monogrammed petite fours, cups of cheerios, fruit pouches and a pancake bar with three flavors of syrup! Charming milk bottles with fun orange paper straws were available for the champagne punch and other drinks served in glass decanters.

Throughout the party Rachel had activities for the wee ones like a coloring station, pink bubbles and plastic balls outside and a quilt with blocks next to a television playing every kid’s favorite, Sesame Street.

Enjoy the pictures and conversation I had with Piper’s momma about this sweet little affair.

Did you have a particular theme and/or what was your inspiration?

The theme “Preppy in Pink” sort of evolved…I always lean towards things “preppy,” gingham, monograms, and pearls, but Pinterest finally helped me coin the theme.  Piper’s room is pink and orange, so instead of using the usual preppy colors of pink and green, I decided to deem pink and orange her signature colors!  The brunch idea came about because it fit perfectly into Piper’s nap schedule.

Did you make any of the décor and how did those projects go?

I made the picture bunting that I strung on the window and fireplace, painted the “P’s” that were placed around the house, and “put together” many other items such as the “Keep Calm” picture frames. The biggest project was the hair bows that we gave the little girls for party favors. My mom made them and I think it took her an entire day to make seven of them, but they were perfect!  My husband painted the lanterns that hung outside, which were originally purchased for our reception, as well as the pink baby food jars that we used as vases (an idea I stole from you!).  The favors for the boys were sippy cups and regular cups that I ordered through I Have A Favor on Etsy, and the paper straws were from Cupcake Social on Etsy as well. {see my post about the baby food bud vases here}

Will you make the décor in the future or opt to just purchase pre made decorations?

I always opt for making things…I think you get a personalization that you wouldn’t get otherwise. With that being said, I now know how long it takes to prepare for this sort of party and will give myself plenty of time in the future. Lilly Pulitzer has some really cute decorations that I thought about purchasing, but instead I looked through Pinterest and made my own.

Tell us about the menu, did you do the cooking or did you buy it?

For the most part, my mom and I made the food. We ordered the mini-quiches and Greek salad from Wright’s Deli, and the petit fours (which I loved) and cookies (which I was so unhappy with) from Publix.  The pancake bar played out differently than I had planned, probably just because of the space.  I imagined made to order pancakes with lots of different toppings, and people waiting in line, but it didn’t work out that way. My dad and my husband were in charge of the pancake bar, and we had three different batters: regular, whole wheat and pumpkin.  We made fruit skewers and baked bacon strung on skewers, which was a big hit with the children. We had cheerios in Martha Stewart cupcake liners and pouches for the “littles.”

What was your favorite part of the party?

I loved Piper’s party hat and “I’m One!” bloomers (both from Mud Pie), as well as her smocked party dress (Royal Child). I loved the monogrammed petit fours, and the month-by-month pictures strung on pearls above the table.  I loved the pink bubbles and the pink and orange playground balls outside.

Not to be a negative Nancy, but was there anything you disliked?

I was not happy with the way that the iced gingham cookies came out, I think they iced them too early and the icing melted. I also didn’t factor in an extra grown-up for the prep work to watch Piper, so next time around I will have an additional friend on hand that will make set-up much smoother!

What did you learn from throwing your first birthday party for your sweet girl?   What a monumental and emotional day it is, so bittersweet!  I loved the party, the concept and the way it all turned out, but next time around I will try to enjoy the party more instead of worrying about little things, because it goes so fast! I discovered that some of the details that I thought were really important, were not, and that spending the money on things like the food, drinks, flowers and things for the children to play with during the party mattered more. Thank goodness for pictures! I think that I will also hire a photographer next time around, so that I can be sure that everything and everyone is captured. I think that I will probably not give a party of this manner for Piper every year, as I want it to be special. Maybe do something smaller every other year? I say that now…but who knows what I’ll be planning next October!

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    November 12, 2012 Reply

    This is adorable! I love that she decided to do a brunch….and the pink and orange are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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