Splurge or Save: Sweater Season

A quick little Splurge or Save post on some sweaters I found at H&M and Banana Republic.

Tampa gets sporadic winter days during the season. One day I’m wearing shorts and a short sleeved top…a day or two later a cold front will breeze through and I can break out my Uggs and sweater that has been waiting all year to be worn. Because we have few sweater days I have enough in my wardrobe, but cold front are a great excuse to shop…right?

I love cable knit anything. These two tops are warm enough for a cold day, yet the short sleeves give an opportunity to wear it again when spring approaches.

Splurge: Banana Republic $59.59 $49.99

Save: H&M $29.95

I know that the dresses are not the exact same but there are slim pickings for plain grey sweater dresses. You can’t tell in the picture but the Banana Republic option is really thick making it kind of bulky looking…making it a perfect dress for a skinny chick or  for Spanx! The H&M option is plain but add a bubble necklace or a cute jacket and it could work!

Splurge: Banana Republic $130

Save: H & M $34.95

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