The Most Anticipated Meal Of The Year

Thanksgiving is a holiday where the celebration largely takes place around our dining room tables with friends and family. So much time, effort and love is poured into this one meal. The main dish takes hours to cook. The side dishes are family favorites. Desserts are family traditions.

Growing up our family watched The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while my mom got her cooking on in the kitchen (I helped when I got older!). The night before she would always prepare the dining room table with her finest china and silver.  An important meal like Thanksgiving means that the table gets as much attention as the food. Linen napkins are pressed. Silver polished. Crystal was spot-checked. Candles placed out and flowers arranged.

One more thing to add to the table is place cards. It makes the table inviting and your guests feel special. Even if the only attendees are family members break out the holders and have fun with the names cards. How about using everyone’s nicknames? Omit the names and attach a question that everyone gets to ask the table for lively conversation! If you don’t have place cards make them. You can use the following:

Wine corks (slice with a knife & insert card)
Wood Chips (cut a thick branch, sand down one side and write on the wood)
Pinecone (spice it up and add some glitter, or dip in paint)
Mini pumpkins (spray paint white or gold and tie a place card to stem)
Real leaf
Pear/Apple (pin the name card to the top)
Paper tents (shop at Rifle Paper Co, Paper-Source and Paper Style)
For more ideas check out Martha Stewart!

I did a little web search and found some charming ones below…

1. Pottery Barn $26  2. Pottery Barn $45.50  3. Pottery Barn $12.50  4. Pottery Barn $29  5. Crate & Barrel $9.95 $6.95  6. Pottery Barn $22  7. William Sonoma $29  8. William Sonoma $19.95  9. Sur la Table $12.95

Last year Lily was still breastfeeding and this year she will have her first Thanksgiving meal. I can’t wait to begin our family traditions. To see her eyes light up as she watches a massive Snoopy or Spiderman float above the streets of New York. (I wonder if the parade will still go on with all of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy? I have been praying everyday for those that have been affected.)

I look forward to cooking my first Thanksgiving meal for my little family some day. I can’t wait to show Lily how to make dumplings and sweet potato casserole. Soon I will be the mom setting the table the night before and that brings the biggest smile to me face. Life is good.

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