Tip Tuesday: How To Cut Vegetables Paper-Thin

I love to cook but I can’t cook like a pro.

You know when you see those chefs on tv quickly chop their onions or carrots perfectly at ninja speeds?? Yeah…that’s not me. I chop more at the speed of a turtle….slow and safe. I learned my lesson slicing my fingers way too many times. Today’s tip is a way you can slice vegetables paper-thin like an iron chef but without hacking off a finger!

Use a vegetable peeler!

Typically I use a mandolin when I need perfect sliced zucchini or onions, but mine doesn’t allow me to make paper-thin slices. So I use my peeler instead!

Slice up some zucchini and red onion (or shallots), toss with olive oil, red vinegar and salt & pepper for a yummy salad that looks like it came from the kitchen of an iron chef!

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