Two Burglars & A Ghost

Did ya’ll have a fabulous Halloween??? Ours couldn’t have gone any better!

We celebrated with our great friends and Lily’s best buds.

We lucked out with cooler temps than last year’s very humid mosquito invested evening.

Lily loved trick or treating…and the two lollipops we let her have as we made a loop around the street.

Kids went to bed in their cribs and pack-in-plays and us parents had some adult time on the driveway with a few cold ones and this scrumptious dessert.

One of my favorite moments was when the kids ran into a scary looking man guarding the candy. No crying, but the kid’s faces are priceless. Lily stood back and just pointed while Brady (son to Emily Ley) and Beckett (son to McKay Pittman) leaned as far back as the could in the wagon. I mean look at Brady’s face…that boy is so adorable even when he’s a bit scared! Then I caught Lily backing up and she proceeded to shake her little fist. She could have been giving that scary man a closed fist polite goodbye …but I’d like to imagine she was thinking “Don’t let this tutu fool you mister…see this tiny fist? I got my boy’s backs.” HA…toddlers are so much fun.

 At the last minute Mike & I made the decision to dress up and lucked out with semi-homemade costumes that only cost $17.06!

For our last minute costume decision I sat and stared at our closets trying to think of what we could pull together from our own clothes. Starring at me were  8 striped shirts (yes I was on a strip kick for awhile) and the thought of being burglars popped into mind. Read all about Lily’s DIY ghost costume here.

For my costume I wore my own jeans, black and white stripped shirt and black beanie. The only thing I needed was a black eye mask. For Mike he wore his jeans and black bandana. The only thing he needed was a striped shirt and black eye mask. As successful burglars we had to have some loot!

I lucked out finding everything we needed at iParty. There was an adult burglar costume that came with a striped shirt, hat, mask and small money bag….the only problem was that the only thing n the bag was the shirt! I found a bowl that had cheap black masks and I grabbed two and a black bandana (didn’t know if Mike still had his). There was no moneybag prop to be found so I searched for fake money and near by was a pirates treasure chest that I thought would work. I ended up placing  plastic grocery bags inside and poked some of the fake money out of the sides.


Burglar costume = $9.99, but with major discount for missing items it came to $4.99!
Black bandana = $.99
Black eye masks = $.99 each = $1.98
Treasure Chest = $4.99
Fake money = $2.99
Total with tax = $17.06

BIG smiles over that great deal and all the fun we had during Halloween 2012!

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