2013 Is…

2013isThere’s something I find so refreshing when you have an entire new year in your path. Yes, actions from the previous year will bleed into 2013. But a new year brings hope that you can start to do right in the world. Make the changes you wish you had done last year. Do things you wish you did the year before…or the year before that.

Another year to breath in and smile at life’s pleasures. Another year to spend with family and friends. Another year to get out of your own way and just live.

I’ve always been my biggest roadblock. Constantly creating excuse after excuse from keeping me from doing something. Ugh I’m sooo tired. My house is such a mess. Lily is having a crazy toddler meltdown. Poor Lily is in so much pain from teething. Having a bad allergy day. Mother nature is visiting. Awe Lily wants to read books with me, now I can’t leave and go to the gym. I’m telling you I’m the queen of excuses. Well 2013 is the best excuse ever to do whatever you want to do, dream of doing or need to do.

2013 is the year to do more.

More sharing/donating/giving/helping.
More enjoying what you have.
More learning/teaching.
More focusing on the present.
More trying.
More risk taking.
More yes.
More love.
More of what matters.

Have you made your resolutions for your fresh start (read mine here)? Do it. No one will create them for you….just like no one will resolve them for you. Write them down. If you’re reading this post a week from now or in February, May or September you still have time to start.

2013 is a new year. 2013 is a fresh start.  2013 is a clean slate. Take it.

Talk to you next year (I just had to say it!)…

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  1. Jen commented:
    December 31, 2012 Reply

    Happy New Year to you all! You are amazing on all that you do! We love you! Jack, Jen and Jayden

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