DIY Snow Globe

Oh boy was Thursdy a long day. It started with a brutal leg workout with my trainer and then home to a sad little girl suffering from teething. As a parent watching your kid struggle with the pain or illness is brutal. There’s only so much you can do to help. So I served up ice pops, hugs and a few episodes of Mickey’s Clubhouse.

When the pain would subside we danced around the living room, played hide & seek in the curtains and shook her new snow globe over and over to watch the glitter cover the mini Christmas tree inside. She loves the snow globe. Lily gazes inside what used to be a baby food jar and oohs and ahhhs over the pretty display. The snow globe was a simple DIY project that has helped take Lily’s mind off her cuspids breaking through…and for that this DIY project rocks!

What you’ll need:
A baby food jar (mason jar would work too!)
Mini Christmas tree (found at Joann for under $2)
Hot Glue

For this project the first step is to remove the label and clean the jar.

Spray paint the lid or leave it how it is. I had some gold paint already!

Using hot glue attach the mini Christmas tree to the inside of the lid.

Pour glitter into the jar (I used a mixture of white and gold).

Next pour Glycerin into the jar. This will make the glitter float down slower. You could also use baby oil if you have that. I found a small bottle of glycerin in the cooking area at Joann’s.  There is no exact measurement and I believe I added around two tablespoons to this jar.

Fill the rest of the jar with water. Do not fill all the way to the brim, but right below it.

Now holding the jar and lid over a sink, slowly start to insert the tree and screw the lid on.

And shake it. Shake it real good!

And shake it again….

…and again!

You can omit the Christmas tree and use a small plastic animal. You don’t even need to glue anything down. You could add a colored marble or jingle bell. Your kid will be fascinated with the floating glitter…the tree is just the added cherry on top!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. mckay commented:
    December 10, 2012 Reply

    oooh! we are going to do this tomorrow. 🙂

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