Friday Link Love: Vol. 2

TGIF y’all!! This has been a pretty crazy week for us at the Romano household.

First we found out Lily has molluscum contagiosum (a skin virus read more about it here) and so she and I have been banished to the island of misfit toys until this clears up.

Then I scorched my hand in a complete airhead move. I took a pan out of the oven, removed the pot holder while I checked to see if the pork was cooked. Then without thinking I gripped the handle of the pan scorching my hand. Oh the pain…I cried…hard. I’m talking ugly cry folks. Luckily Mike was home and took over parenting duties because this was the first time Lily had seen me cry this hard. I sat on a chair with my hand submerged in luke warm water for 45 minutes until the sting went down. I have a few spots that still hurt, but I am surprised I didn’t blister after sizzling my hand!

Yesterday I rushed Bentley, our 7 year old Maltipoo, to the doggie vet because he was yelping in pain. Turns out our pup has some disc issues in his back. Poor fella is on strict doctor order for relaxation. This is a tall order with a toddler hanging around!

But even with the craziness my heart is so full from all of the loving comments from this post on what matters to you. All of your words are so inspiring and encourage me to continue to focus on what matters to me and my family!

So again I bring you some links of things that make me smile and could possibly brighten your Friday!

I’m a huge Twilight & Hunger Games fan so of course when the famous books made it to the big screen I was a giddy schoolgirl.  But those feelings don’t even compare to the ones I have in anticipation for the release of Les Misérables on Christmas day. I became a fan as a child when my parents took me to see the legendary musical in San Francisco. Les Mis is my all time favorite musical. My father was friends with Rich Hebert who was currently cast as the lead Jean Valjean. We were able to get tickets to see the show again, but this time we were granted back stage to meet the cast. Here I was a little girl who would belt out “Castle On A Cloud” and I was meeting Cosette!! I was in musical heaven. Once the crowd cleared we even got a tour on stage. Fact: I belt out songs from this musical at least a couple times a week. Fact: I sing “On My Own” in the shower all the time and the other day as I sang it in the car I turned and saw my daughter with her fingers in her ears. Wow.

Anyways when I saw this video I about died. A flash mob broke out at a wedding and the bride and groom were serenaded by their guests. Of course many people would think that the song choice is a little gloomy for the occasion….but for someone like myself who is such a fan I watched the video like three times. Maybe even more. And I may or may not have joined in by the second viewing! Enjoy this awesome video here.

Oh the movie Elf makes me laugh so hard I feel like I get an ab workout! “I like to smile…smiling is my favorite.” “SAAAANTTTTAAAAAA…I know him…I know him!!”  So here is the hilarious north pole debate

Speaking of elves, usually this time of year you get emails sent where family or friends have attached your face to a dancing elf for some silly entertainment. This year forget the elves….it’s all about getting gangnam style!!! How can you not laugh at this (and yes that is little Lily!).

Oh Awkward Family Photos you make me giggle. This poor child can you blame her? Sometimes it’s the caption that completes it! If you want some more ridiculous family photos check out these!

Enjoy your weekend xoxo

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