I’m Still Learning…

Majority of my thoughts come to fruition while taking a shower, driving my car or sharing a beer with Mike or a girlfriend. Today’s post stems from Friday’s happy hour with my talented friend McKay of Oatmeal Lace Designs.

After a MyGym class we took our kids out for grilled cheese and drafts. I don’t think we made it to ten minutes before Lily ripped into her goldfish crackers and covered the floor. Thank goodness we choose to sit outside so the mess was easier to clean up.  McKay and I rolled our eyes at the chaos and laughed. We both shared the hope for an early arrival of the day when our kids will eat from the bag in lieu of a snack cup or from the plate and not worry about it being Frisbee’d off the table. It was a mess y’all….but the beer was delicious and so was the company!

Don’t know how the conversation came to, but I told McKay that I hoped readers (especially newbies) didn’t glance over my blog and think “Great here is another mommy blog where she thinks she knows best.” I’m not super mom or the perfect wife. Being a wife, mother and friend is a permanent roller coaster where every twist, turn, dip and climb is different than the last.

I’m still learning everyday. For every recipe I create there are about 10 that get rejected from Mike or myself. I don’t think I will ever live down the worst meal on earth….the crab enchiladas. A meal so revolting that after two bites we tossed the entire 9×13 dish in the trash…where it belonged. The same applies to crafts and DIY projects. A great example is the Santa craft that I attempted and gave up after step one. Seriously step one!

In my head I thought it would be easy to spray paint some styrofoam cones red and apply a small white feathered boa to the base and top to create a charming Santa hat for my holiday décor. First step was spray painting the cone. After letting the project dry I was shocked that the red paint had turned into a Styrofoam eating bacteria. In true Mike fashion he told me not to worry about it and another layer of paint would cover it. There was no covering the deformed parts. So I tossed it and added it to the pile of Pinterest fails.

As a first time mom I am constantly struggling to be the best mom to Lily as I can. Not the best mom period. I can’t stand those kind of women. That is what made me want to share this post. When readers see all the recipes, tips and ideas on how to keep your kid busy I hope they don’t think…Damn she has it together or Damn she thinks she knows everything.

My life is an oxymoron. I have a little (Mike would say big) OCD with things being perfect and organized; yet my house is in complete disarray. I’m absolutely unsure about the color of paint for our bedroom. When it comes to Lily reaching her milestones I am anxiously patient. I’m an honest liar…”Lily this is Emma the Elf. She flies to the North pole every night to report on your behavior.”  And when it comes to my weight at the moment I’m massively thin (he he).

So here’s my confession…I’m not suzy homemaker. I’m not Martha or Julia Child. I’m just your average wife and mom that makes a lot of mistakes and I’m still learning how to live life. With each day brings a new life lesson, recipe or another enjoyable craft that I will share as I learn along the way.

Happy Monday Folks! We are off to see Santa and fingers crossed the kid doesn’t flip out. Smile or meltdown I’ll share the fun tomorrow!

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  1. Kelsey commented:
    December 3, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for sharing Amy! I love your honestly in your posts and in person. I knew it long ago and have to remind myself now as a Mama but people (myself included) tend to find it easier to put someone or something down in order to bring themselves up rather than understand that while we all try nobody has all together all the time.

    Hope Lily has fun with Santa! Bummed I will miss you guys again today… G has a stomach bug. 🙁

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 3, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Kelsey! You are SO right, I don’t know one person who has parenting down 100%! Lily totally lost it on Santa’s lap…I’m talking crying so hard that she was shaking! She wouldn’t even sit on my lap next to him…whomp whomp. We did miss you today at class and heard (and saw your picture) G was miserable. Hope it passes quickly and you or the hubby don’t get it!!!

  2. Amanda Livingood commented:
    December 3, 2012 Reply

    Love this post, Amy! As someone who isn’t a mom yet, I VERY much enjoy reading HONEST musings from those who are tackling motherhood one day at a time and are not afraid of looking like they don’t have it all together. In my humble opinion, it’s much more important to be authentic to yourself and others than to put on a facade and reading your beautiful blog gives me hope and helps me manage expectations for my own future (yes, I’m a lil OCD too!) as a mommy! Keep it up! Lots of love to you and Mike and Lily! xoxo

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 3, 2012 Reply

      Amanda you are so sweet! Thank you! I have no doubt that you will be an awesome mommy and I can’t wait to swap hilarious mommy moments! I hope the move to your new house as been easy minus the rain! xoxo

  3. Elizabeth commented:
    December 4, 2012 Reply

    You’re doing a great job, Amy! I admire that you can post on a daily basis…..my blog is pretty much non-existent these days. Fail.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 5, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth! Don’t worry about your pretty blog! Before Lily & Bliss I had a small family blog. I was horrible at posting!! One day your will get your groove at it and I can’t wait…especially after eying Ella’s adorable birthday invites!!

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