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2013titlesLose weight. Spend less. Save more. Those have always been my typical new year’s resolutions. Last year I vowed that I would continue to lose the massive weight I gained while pregnant. Have I lost it all…no…but I did lose 25 pounds and kept it off {YAY!}. I vowed last year that I would strive to be a better wife and great mommy to Lily. Not to toot my horn, but I think I’m doing great as a first time mom. Do I know everything there is to being a great mom…no, but I’m learning. I do know how to love her with every part of my being. Have I been the best wife? I think Mike and I have a great relationship. Is it a perfect marriage…nope(I mean is any marriage perfect?), but I love him with every part of my being too. If I keep going this post will be all about marriage and motherhood…that’s a post or series on it’s own!

The problem with my past resolutions is typically I’ve given up, life got too busy or I focused on something new in my life that I obviously didn’t anticipate the previous year. This year I want it to be different. This year I will have more than just one or two main resolutions. Being committed to more than one huge goal will keep me from feeling glum if I don’t attain it!

2013 is going to be the year I focus on what matters and the most important to me is my faith, family and my health.

2013opraquoteIn 2013 I want to get Lily more involved with the church and learn more about Him. I would like to build on my own personal relationship with God. To make your resolutions more attainable you have to be specific. So for my resolutions I vow to find a church with a strong child’s program and friendly women’s group. To build on my personal relationship I vow to start reading a daily/weekly devotional. Even though I pray everyday I need a little Grace.

In 2013 I will continue to love and spend as much time as I can with my family. I want to continue to work on being a better wife to Mike and a better mommy to Lily. Getting specific, I want to devote more time to just Mike and me. More date nights. We recently went out for dinner and a movie (he let me pick Breaking Dawn!) and while we were enjoying a beer waiting for our food we both agreed how nice it was to have some alone time. As parents when we go out with Lily one of us eats quickly while the other cuts up Lily’s food, helps feed her and slips in a bite or two. Then we switch duties so the other can finish eating. It always seems that we are asking for the check before the second person can finish because Lily is full and tired of being locked in an uncomfortable wood highchair (I don’t blame her!). More date nights for 2013!

When it comes to Lily in 2013 I want to focus on being more in the moment with her. Most days it feels like there aren’t enough hours. Make breakfast, clean dishes, clean up around the house, laundry (does the laundry ever end?), snack time, running some errands, back for lunch, naptime, some play time, cooking dinner, I work on my blog while Lily and Mike play and he puts her to bed. I want to find a better way to organize my home and life so I feel like I have more time devoted to teaching her funny dance moves, learning new animal sounds and taking her to new places. In 2013 I want to take Lily on more adventures and continue making more special memories with her. Mike and I plan on taking Lily to Disney World for the first time and that will be a blast. The first time we took her to the zoo she screamed at every animal exhibit while frantically pointing in every direction taking in her surroundings. Disney with rides, princesses and a chance to meet Mickey….oh that is going to be epic. I’m also vowing to watch my potty mouth. Lily is a sponge soaking in every word and action. I don’t want one of her first words to rhyme with duck. Never been one who enjoyed the soap in the mouth so I’m still thinking of ways to curb the cursing!

In 2013 I want to keep working on losing weight to reach my pre-baby waistline. But in 2013 I want to concentrate on just being a healthier person. I did a 30-day eat clean challenge not to long ago and I lost weight, but more importantly I felt great. Will I give up sweets, alcohol and fatty foods…nope. BUT I want to choose healthier food options more often then the unhealthy ones. To do so I vow to step up my workouts from twice a week to three. I think this is totally attainable. Part of my health is taking some time and devoting it to myself. I’ve been pretty open with my post-partum depression and I finally went off my medication in attempts to see if I’m “okay” without them. Plus we would like to try for baby number two in 2013 and I don’t want the medication in my system while pregnant. Taking some time for myself will recharge my battery so I can be a better person, wife and mother. Case in point- I have a certificate to the spa Mike and Lily gave me for mother’s day that I still have not used. I think it’s about time this momma unwinds and gets pampered at the spa.

2013bradpaisleySo I’m ready 2013. I’m ready for another wonderful year with family and friends. I’m ready to put more focus on what matters…faith, family and my health. As I started writing this I opened my journal and more resolutions started forming and I’m full of love and inspiration for 2013…expect another post 😉

Have ya’ll started to create your resolutions??

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  1. kelsey commented:
    December 28, 2012 Reply

    I have been so uber inspired by you, Emily and McKay. I have a good friend back in Indiana who also started her own photography business while being a Momma. I love, love, LOVE working with the kiddos and don’t want to stop doing that necessarily but my creative self doesn’t feel fulfilled at all. I see women like you and long for that ability. I don’t think ‘I can’t do it’; it’s more a matter of finding what fits for me.

    I feel good in saying that I am a supportive wife, ever-learning mommy and truly dedicated at my job. I miss family but can truly say that I am complete having Rob and G nearby, location isn’t important. (This is significant because I was slightly devastated when we decided to move so far away from the familiar and what I thought was support; it turns out support doesn’t necessarily come from proximity.)

    I had someone tell me when I was 14 that ’27’ is the year.; it’s the year you stop searching for meaning and finally have some concrete idea of who you are, where you’re going (or want to go) and what truly matters to you. I didn’t believe it a week after my birthday but I believe it now. I have ZERO doubts in my mind about who I am and what matters to me. I am just going to work on finding that ‘thing’ that completes my core creativity… or at least an avenue to get me there!

    Thank you again Amy for being the strong, amazing Momma and woman that you are!! Best wishes to you in the New Year!! Cheers!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 28, 2012 Reply

      Kelsey you made me blush. YOU ARE AMAZING with Lily, Brady & Beckett…and G is one lucky little guy to have you as a momma! There is no doubt that you were meant to be in children’s lives! I heard the same saying about being 27 and finally having an “ah ha” moment…knowing your place in the world. I have to say that I didn’t have that feeling until Lily was born. Do a little soul searching and you will figure it out! I’m so here if you want to bounce ideas around or need a sounding board. Tossing out two ideas…you are really knowledgeable about keeping kids active and using their imaginations…mommas are always looking for ideas on how to keep their little ones busy! And allergies….holy smokes I thought being allergic to soy was difficult, and I’m sure that there are tons of people out there looking for allergy-free recipes, restaurants and safe foods for adults and kids. I’m a pretty good ear over a beer…wink wink!

  2. mckay commented:
    December 29, 2012 Reply

    this has totally inspired me to sit down TONIGHT and write out my goals for 2013 : family, work & personal. I keep pushing it off but holy smokes- the new year is only 3 days away! (procrastinating less is going to be one of those resolutions…) 2013 is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what it brings for all of us. 🙂

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