Keeping Her Busy: The Muffin Tin

You know one of the best things about a toddler…you can entertain them with practically anything! Lily has tons of toys but give that child a straw or a mixing bowl with a whisk and she is happy as a clam at high water.

Recently I started to give her kitchen utensils and show her how they are used. Lily has been playing in my Tupperware since she was crawling but now she is learning the use behind the objects. While I prepare meals I give her a few kitchen tools and enlist her help. While I beat eggs for breakfast, she pretends beating air! The sound of the wire whisk against the bowl always gets her smiling.

One Keeping Her Busy activity involves using a muffin tin (kitchen utensil everyone has) and any other household objects. I used a mini muffin tin and colored craft cotton balls to show her how to sort by colors and sizes. At first she would just move the puff balls around from one side to another. Then she started to grasp that the purple cotton balls were different from the orange. I showed her how to sort by the different sizes too. Lily loves to sort objects so this activity is perfect for her. To mix it up I give her wine corks or her hair bows. You could use really anything from Leggos to different kinds of pasta. Since she loves to put anything and everything in her mouth (remember our first ER visit?) this is an activity that requires constant supervision. Sometimes she plays with this for only a moment, and other times she heads to her toys and brings back other objects to sort! Best reason why this is an awesome activity…it’s FREE and clean up is minimal!

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