Keepsake Ornaments

I’m a sucker for anything sentimental. I love surrounding myself with pictures or objects that tell a story from a cherished memory or event. We have shells that we used in our wedding sprinkled around the house that bring a smile when I walk by. Christmas is the perfect holiday to garnish your home with decorations that have sentimental attachment.

Our Christmas tree is trimmed with family treasures. When I got married my mother gave me a bag full of ornaments from my childhood. There are wooden curios with dates from the 80’s, porcelain ballerinas and a clay cheerleader from my days of dancing and competitive cheer.

My favorite is my very first ornament from the year of my birth.  After thirty years the delicate baby carriage is in decent shape. Last year my mom gifted Lily a baby’s first ornament in the shape of a baby carriage. Everyday Lily begs me to pick her up so she can get a glimpse of the tiny baby inside. I indulge every time because I am flooded with memories as a girl gazing at our tree thinking how magical it was.

I get my desire for keepsakes from my mother. She is always finding ways to preserve mementos for my brother and me. She kept ribbon, tissue and wrapping paper from my baby shower and inserted them in clear glass ornaments. She used a hole puncher to create confetti from the wrapping paper and labeled all of them with paint markers. These ornaments make me smile and down the road when Lily starts her family these will be passed down to her.

Making keepsake ornaments are easy! You can get clear glass ornaments at Joann or Michaels on sale right now. The contents of the ornaments are endless and use a paint marker to describe the contents. Here are a few ideas:

  • Just married? New parents? Insert a picture from the wedding or from the hospital  inside the glass and write your wedding/birth date on the outside.
  • Save some a flower from your wedding bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere for a filler.
  • I noticed on Pinterest where people have taken a copy of their wedding invitation, cut it into stips and placed those into an ornament.
  • Fill one with sand collected from a family vacation.
  • Write on a piece of paper what gifts your child asked Santa for that year.
  • Ticket stubs from a concert or game that has special meaning.
  • Or you could paint your child’s hand and imprint on the outside of the ornament to capture how tiny it is.

Whatever you decide have fun!  Make a keepsake ornament for your family, friends or heck make one for yourself!!

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