Pottery Barn’s Noel Remake

80% of my home furnishings, bedding and kitchenware hail from Pottery Barn….the other 20% comes from other stores but have a Pottery Barn look or feel to it. I’m might be a huge fan, but sometimes I cringe at the steep prices. I have had my eye on their holiday Noel wall sign (btw it’s no longer available), but at $149 I wasn’t buyin! So I took a swing at making my own version! The Craftily Ever After blog did a great remake using large cardboard letters and bronze spray paint to mimic Pottery Barn’s iron original.

Since I use reds, browns and gold in my living room and holiday décor that’s what I opted for. First step was spray painting the cardboard letters (found them at Joann and with coupons they came to $2 a piece). Being that this was wall décor I didn’t bothered painting the back.

After letting it dry I took a fine grit sand paper and started to wear buff away at each letter to give it a vintage look. I could have left the letters along after this step…they looked so awesome…..but I had an itch to paint it gold (if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post I’m on a gold kick!).

The gold paint of choice was Martha Stewart’s Metalic acrylic craft paint in gold (found also at Joann for $2.99). This paint is pretty sweet. Yes it’s three bucks for only 2 oz…but you don’t need much to complete this craft leaving you plenty for future projects! You can use this paint on wood, fabric, glass, metal and it can be for indoor and outdoor use! I foresee lots of pretty projects using this paint.

So back to the project. Dab just a little of the gold paint on a paper plate and using a paint brush start to apply it to the letters. This dries pretty quickly so if you apply too much have some paper towels on hand to rub the excess off.

Once dry, line up the letters how you want and apply hot glue to attach them. I kept the “O” tilted like Pottery Barn’s. For the cheap cost and simple steps I am pretty happy at how this turned out. Depending on where my Noel sign is placed the gold reflects the afternoon sunlight and it’s gorgeous! These steps could be taken to create other words for birthdays and/or parties (Cheers or 2013 would be cute for a NYE party!).

For more inspiration on what to do with cardboard letters take a look at this post from a project from Lily’s first birthday!

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