Tip Tuesday: iPhone Battery Saver

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever done was show Lily kid friendly apps on my iPhone. In preparation for our Thanksgiving flight I downloaded some apps on our iPad and they also appeared on my iPhone.

Lily was having a toddler meltdown one day and without thinking I grabbed my iPhone and opened the Sprout app to play an episode of The Wiggles. I thought I could add a point on the chalkboard to mom, but boy was I wrong. Now if she even gets a glimpse of my phone she freaks out and wants to play with it. I have caved a few times (well maybe more than a few) and let her have facetime with Elmo (Elmo Calls is the best app ever). Lily is so well versed that she knows how to unlock the phone, scroll to the correct screen and find the Elmo app that is in a folder. Of course I am proud because that is smart right? BUT she has become obsessed with the iPhone and her playtime plus my usage drains my battery. Today’s tip will help speed up your iPhone and save your battery!

Even when you leave an app it still remains open in the background sucking the life out of your battery. To fix this follow these easy steps!

Press the “Home” button twice. The multi-task bar at the bottom will be highlighted and the rest of your desktop will fade. If you take your finger and swipe the bar you will be able to scroll through all of the apps that are open.

Next step is to press down on one of the apps until the red minus icon appears in the top left corner of each app. Do NOT worry, you won’t be deleting the app from your phone entirely.

Press the red minus icon for each app you want to close. The more you close, the more life you give back to your battery! Again you will not be erasing the apps from the phone. The only way to do that is if a black “x” icon appeared and you clicked that!

So speed up your iPhone and save some battery juice with this easy tip!

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  1. Eva commented:
    December 4, 2012 Reply

    Amy!!! Colton does these exact things! He gets so mad when I take my phone away. He knows exactly how to find the apps too! I charged my old droid phone sunday night and now that’s his new friend!
    Miss you all!!! xo

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 5, 2012 Reply

      Ha so funny!!! I wish I had an old phone that had the some apps! I try to give her the ipad, but for some reason she likes the little iphone!

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