“You Better Not Cry…”

Two weeks ago I told y’all I would share our visit with Santa….and as you can see from the pictures it didn’t go as we hoped.

Let’s face it the first two years of birthdays, milestones and holidays are really for the parents. I’m pretty sure Lily didn’t look at her homemade birthday bunting (that I slaved over) and thought “WOW mom that looks fantastic…you are the best mom ever.” I did it because I love her. Thanks to the video camera Lily will be able to see her first gifts from Santa…because at 6 months she had no clue what was going on. Mike and I had to hold her hand as we took the tissue paper out of each bag to reveal her gifts. So even though she won’t remember her first visits to see the jolly old man, Mike and I will.

Last year Lily was almost six months young and could have cared less that we left her on the knee of a complete stranger. This year was a whole new ball game folks.

Two weeks ago we made our way to visit Santa at International Mall. At this location you have to wind through a fairylike ice palace where fake snow falls from the ceiling. So Magical. Leading up to this day we had been showing Lily pictures of Santa and pointing out his face on ornaments. She’d smile and laugh. Usually kids at this age freak out meeting Santa…we just hoped for the best.

Before heading in we put Lily in a new holiday smocked dress and a hair bow I made that morning for the affair. She was gitty when we cheered her on walking into the mall, “Wooo hooo Lily…you are going to meet Santa today. THAT is SO exciting.” She liked the snow in the ice palace and even smiled at Santa right before we picked her up for the lap picture. Right before our turn Santa calmly informed Mike and I that it would be best for us to walk her in backwards to make the transition go smoother. I made my way next to the camera while Mike slowly walked with her backwards. Right before he reached Santa Mike turned around and stopped almost waiting to see if Lily would be okay. The exact opposite instructions Santa had just given. Lily started to get uneasy and gripped Mike’s shirt. I called out to Mike telling him to let go and as he placed her on Santa’s knee she flipped out. She was crying and shaking so hard. She flailed her arms up in the air while attempting to slide down his leg to escape. When I picked her up Santa suggested that I hold her and sit on his lap. My butt barely hit his knee and she went hysterical again. She even attempted to slide down my leg to get away. It just wasn’t going to happen. Mike was standing in the way the entire time so they didn’t snap a picture. Even though she was shaking like a wet dog she turned and waved goodbye to him. Santa = 1 Lily = 0.

Yesterday I had a quick errand at the mall and when I was done I decided to try for round two. As we walked up there was no line. And no Santa. We were told he was on a 10 minute break. As I contemplated leaving, a wave of parents and excited children walked up…so I stayed holding my first place spot. Only three minutes later Santa came back from the world’s shortest potty break. While a lady came up and asked for Lily’s name I quietly squirmed inside hoping the guy washed his hands. Walking up  I was quickly calmed when I noticed he had on gloves.

I made sure that Lily couldn’t see Santa and as I parked the stroller I told the photographer to take a shot even if she cried. Backing her into Santa she snapped her head back and saw the bearded stranger and started screaming. I let go, stepped away smiling and continued cheering her on like last time…inside I was dying watching her wail and point to me. I saw the flash of the camera and went to pick her up. Santa offered his hand for a high five and through the tears and screams Lily held up hers to give him one.

As I started to back up to give her space she placed her fingers up to her mouth to gesture a kiss and I melted. This sweet child was in hysterics, but still wanted to give high fives and blow kisses. Love her heart.

We got a picture for 2012. Even though she isn’t wearing a pretty smocked dress and smiling at the camera…we have the moment captured. Later at home while snapping pictures for the blog she pointed to the picture and started giggling. Even after two rounds with Santa this kid still smiles at his picture…even the picture of her screaming. That’s the magic of Santa.

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  1. kelsey commented:
    December 19, 2012 Reply

    Hilarious! Lily is all kinds of awesome and I love the way tell the stories of her Santa visits. I wonder what next year will entail…

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