A Week In Already?

We are already a week into 2013. That is just plain silly. Wasn’t I just wrapping presents for Lily?? Crazy!

With a week into this New Year, how have you been with your resolutions? I stayed true to my goals and it feels great. My resolution for 2013 was to focus on what matters to me…my faith, family and health.

Each day I have carved out a little bit of time to read two daily devotionals I purchased. I either read first thing in the morning or before bed. Yes I got two. One is a tiny little book with a quick paragraph, totally easy to read but always leaves me thinking and searching deep inside myself for answers. The tiny book is Beth Moore’s Believing God Day by Day: Growing Your Faith All Year Long (find it here).

My other purchase was A Daily Women’s Devotional (find it here) written by women married to pastors. These women are wives, mothers and friends who speak about issues that plague women. My eyes have already swelled reading two of the scriptures. It feels like I am reading a letter from an aunt or dear friend…each day has spoken so much truth.

devotionalFinding a church for my family was another part of my resolution. Yesterday was the first Sunday of the year and my dear friend Emily Ley and I started “operation find a church.” We attended a family oriented service near both our homes and have to admit we were kinda giddy over their awesome child care program. Next weekend we are going to try another church, maybe another after that just to make sure we know the church we pick is perfect for our little families.

God of second chances…in your weakness is greatness…greatness is in you…don’t let your limitations limit you…understanding the bigger purpose…what really counts…If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done (Ecclesiastes 11:4 LB)…These are a few of my notes from the service, pretty inspiring for the first Sunday if you ask me.

My family is my everything. 2013 is the year I devote myself to them fully. Mike and I need more husband and wife time so we are making that happen in March when we take a weekend trip to Key West. This is HUGE for me personally. I have yet to leave Lily for longer than a five hour period. That five hour period was a date night with Mike where we went to dinner and a show. Never have I left her overnight. I know we need to get away and have some alone time, but goodness is it going to be tough to leave her. My mom and dad will be watching her, which brings relief. I don’t think I could trust anyone with watching Lily for that long besides my mother. Many of you out there probably think I’m crazy for going this long without an overnight away. I might, but at least I have one planned, right??!!??. So I have sixty days to prepare myself for my first trip away from my baby. Until then, Mike and I have opened our schedules for a Disney World trip with Lily…her very first time! I don’t know who will be more excited….Lily or us? Knowing her reaction to costumes (remember her Santa experience?), we are in for either sheer terror or complete glee.

Trying to concentrate on a healthier me this year I tried a Zumba workout.  Holy moly was it tough. I did a home workout video, and so thankful I attempted this at home instead of out in public because I looked like a hot mess. On Wednesday I woke up extra early to complete the video before Lily or Mike awoke. I swear I had rhythm when I was young…I did cheerleading for petes sake! But now I’m a thirty year old mother that hasn’t been out dancing in years and boy did it show. You know those hilarious images on Pinterest/internet where it shows some totally fit person running with the caption “what I feel like when I’m running….” and underneath is a picture of a basset hound running with crazy floppy ears and lose lips flying with globs of saliva reading “What I really look like running…” Seen that?? Well I could be the poster child for the image with a caption reading “what I really look like attempting Zumba…”

runningHOT MESS I tell you. My trainer James got a big kick out of that story. BUT the glass half full outlook is I did what I said I would do. I set a goal and I did it…even if I looked silly. I was drenched in sweat and my calves hurt, so I know I burned some calories! I did it. Cheers to that!

Saturday I woke up and made a coffee cake from scratch. It was good, but filled with loads of sugar leaving Mike and me gripping our stomachs. That’s when I made another commitment to a 30-day eat clean challenge. I lost six pounds last time, but more importantly I felt recharged. I woke up each day with so much energy. Two additional benefits from the challenge were all my meals were planned and I saved money at the store by purchasing only what I needed. Read all about it here and here’s week one, two, three and four of the first journey. If you are looking to get healthy and loose some lbs try eating clean. Challenge yourself. It is NOT a crazy diet where you have to eat food that tastes like cardboard or live off of a watery tasteless soup. Eating clean is real food. Fresh food. Just try it for a week! You have nothing to loose…except that extra jiggle from all those holiday cookies!

In seven days I have started prepping my soul, family, home and body for a better 2013. Have you started on you resolutions? If not….what’s holding you back?

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  1. Melody commented:
    January 7, 2013 Reply

    So happy for your and Emily’s venture to find a new church! Love all these goals! Best of luck in 2013!

  2. Elizabeth commented:
    January 8, 2013 Reply

    Amy, you crack me up about Zumba. I felt the exact same way when I did it the first couple of times, except I didn’t do it in the privacy of my home, but rather in a class full of women. I felt so uncoordinated. I didn’t understand, because like you I was a cheerleader too! For many, many years. Anyway, my friend and I spent most of our time laughing at each other and when I left there I didn’t understand why it was such a great workout. Well, I guess it is if you have the moves down. I stood there a lot scratching my head. Anyway, about the 4th or 5th class I got the hang of it. I still can’t shake my booty quite as good as some of the college girls but it was fun!

    I’m working on my goals as well. One of mine is to become closer to God also. We go to church, but other than that time on Sunday that is the only time I spend time with Him which makes me feel like a loser! I don’t make the time, but I have this year. I’m doing #shereadstruth. You can find them on instagram. They do short studies everyday and post what you are supposed to read daily. I think there is also a website, but I just look at Instagram for direction. It’s short and sweet, but very good.

    Have a great 2013!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      January 9, 2013 Reply

      Elizabeth- GOOD for you going out in public and taking that class!!!! You are so brave! I haven’t given up and will keep trying…anything that gets my heart rate up and gets me sweating counts for cardio right?

      I hear you on the faith only on Sunday. We were like that for a long time. Then Lily came and we just stopped going all together. I saw the #shereadstruth too and looks like a great series!

      Cheers to your 2013 and I’m dying to see more pictures from Ella’s birthday party!!

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