Healthy Black Bean Soup

Healthy black bean soup! Not only is it healthy, hearty, made in a crock was toddler approved and makes a great freezer meal!Some parents get lucky when their kids love vegetables. Some kids will eat broccoli if dipped in ranch, ketchup or another condiment. Not my kid! She only cares for peas and green beans. Listen I’m happy that she at least eats some kind of vegetable.  I just wish she would try and enjoy more…all in good time I guess.

Then that dang parental guilt creeps into my mind and I feel horrible that she eats the same thing everyday! Her pediatrician is fabulous and lightens the guilt every visit when she tells me that instead of focusing on her daily menu I should focus on what she consumes over a weekly period. She also told me that most kids will say no to foods a couple of times before they eventually like it, so I should keep offering them to her.

Oh remember my post from Monday about how crazy this week is for our family…well Murphy’s Law IS my life. All through the night Sunday Lily would wake and cry, but she would eventually fall back asleep. Monday morning she was in hysterics, which is really abnormal for her. She typically rolls around in her crib talking to herself in the a.m., but Monday she was screaming out in pain. Her private area was so red and while we waited for the doctor’s office to open every time she peed she froze and screamed out.  Turns out that the steroids she went on to help her allergic reaction made her body create yeast that then turned into an outer infection. We made a quick trip to the doctor for some cream and doctor’s orders for no diapers. This poor child has really been through the ringer!! So with everything going on I have a toddler running around my parent’s house (staying there during installation and painting) naked from the waist down! This would be the perfect time for potty training but she isn’t ready.

* I created this post on Tuesday but never got around to publishing it. Oh have things gotten even crazier over here! Last night (Wednesday) Lily continued to cry on and off for an hour and at 11:30 pm when I checked her she was on fire. Her temperature was at 104.8! Such panic came over me. Mike and I stripped her down to lighter clothes, gave her some Motrin and applied cool compresses. After an hour she was still at 103.7 so I called the on-call doctor who advised us to head to the hospital. Y’all it was horrible. This poor child had a catheter to get a urine sample. Then we had issues getting an IV in both arms, finally getting a vein in her tiny hand. Unfortunately the lab came back that the blood sample they got wasn’t good so they had to try for an IV again! Eventually they had to prick her heel three times to scrape enough blood. A few hours later the X-ray came back with early signs of bronchitis. I was in complete shock. Lily had no symptoms…no cough…not even a runny nose. But BAM she has bronchitis. I can only assume she picked it up on Monday when we went to the doctor’s office for her infection.

Watching your child go through an illness where you can’t do anything to help is hard. When your child can’t speak to tell you what’s wrong makes it even worse. All Mike and I could do was sing Barney songs and the itsy bitsy spider over and over. But children are so resilient. After the nurses would leave the room after pricking her Lily would blow them kisses. Since being home she has been smiling and having a ball placing stickers all over her face, my chest and even a sticker on Nana’s bum! Lily is so strong. So tough. As a parent I’m suppose to be her rock….I feel like she is the rock, every once and awhile giving us a smile or hug to let us know she is okay.  Dear Lord I’m praying for a break for my child. Please shine your Grace and heal her.

Thank you all to all my friends who sent love and prayers on Instagram. I ask that you keep her in your prayers so that she can rest & heal. A BIG thank you to all the sweet nurses and staff at St. Jospeh’s North location. You were so wonderful handling our little Lily!! Thank you THANK You!! Now back to this yummy soup post! *

Since Lily is in a lot of pain she is barely eating and to make sure she is eats something I am sticking to her usual green beans, pasta and fruit! BUT when her appetite returns I’m going to make this yummy and healthy black bean soup.

This recipe hails from The Gracious Pantry. I love that food blog. There are so many wonderful recipes that are simple, healthy and most importantly taste fabulous! This black bean soup is a perfect working example because it is packed with protein & vegetables, cooks in a crock pot (Amen!) and the husband and toddler enjoyed it!!

This recipe made a lot so I save some in a freezer safe container for a future dinner! Doesn’t this recipe get better and better! Healthy…check. Easy to make…check. Tastes good…check. Toddler approved…check. And a freezer meal…CHECK!


Healthy Black Bean Soup
By The Gracious Pantry

8 cups chicken broth (that’s 2 32 oz. containers)
2 cups dry black beans, washed
4 carrots, peeled and chopped
4 celery stalks, chopped
1 red onion, chopped
3 tbsp onion powder
2 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp parsley
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 vegetable bouillon cube
Salt and pepper to taste
Garnish with cilantro, shredded cheese or a little chunky salsa if you want!

In a 5 quart crock pot combine all ingredients (except garnish items!) and cook on high for 6 hours or until the beans are soft and cooked through. Note: all crock pots are different so please cook accordingly. The Gracious Pantry also suggest cook on medium for 8-9 hours. I only have a low or high setting!

Once cooked, blend the ingredients to make the chunky soup turn smooth (there will be some lumps!) I have this Cuisinart hand blender that I used instead of a regular blender or food processor. This saves time and doesn’t dirty up more dishes! I highly recommend you get a hand blender if you like to make your own soups (works great on homemade potatoes!). If you have a blender or food processor only blend a few cups at a time!

Garnish with fresh cilantro, shredded cheese, chunky salsa or sour cream. I personally think it tastes great by itself!

black bean soup that's toddle approved

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  1. Alana Olsen commented:
    February 1, 2013 Reply

    Oh my goodness Amy! My heart is breaking for your family and little Lily!! It is a horrible feeling to feel so out of control, especially with the one thing you love and cherish most. Be strong! All of this will just make you stronger and really make you be superwoman ready to handle anything! The terrible twos will be nothing after this! It is a good thing that God made children so resilient too! Your beautiful little girl will be in my prayers tonight!! And I think I will definitely be trying this recipe! My Lilly eats peas most days too and if I’m lucky maybe some carrots or green beans! Although I have been able to hide some spinach in a cheese quesadilla before!

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