Keepsake Glitter Handprint: Sweet Valentines Gift

Glitter handprint keepsake...sweet idea for a valentines gift for husband/wife or grandparents!I can’t believe that I’m already thinking of ideas for Valentines day!! Between you and me I think February 14th was created by Hallmark, Hershey and Necco (maker of conversation hearts) in a ploy to make more money…yep you heard it here first folks!

Jokes and conspiracy theories aside, just like millions of other people Mike and I shower each other with extra love and devotion on Valentine’s day. We find really sweet cards for one another, both of us find a card “from Lily” to give and we keep it low key. No fancy gifts. The only money spent might be on dinner, and most years we just cook at home. Isn’t that what it’s all about? To be with the one you love?

To keep it focused on love, but still enjoying the holiday we set a limit on how much we can spend on cards and maybe a little something extra….usually the limit is $20. Told you, nothing fancy….just straight from the heart.

Last year I took pictures of Lily holding up letters that spelled dad and framed them for Mike’s office. This year I wanted to make another sweet keepsake and thought of using her handprint as art. This was one of the easiest projects I have ever done….a little messy, but so easy!

With some Joann coupons I headed to my local store and was excited when I saw that they were having a sale on most of the items needed! Here’s a breakdown:

Blank white canvas (I got a 5×5)
Glitter (I got extra fine in gold)
Mod Podge (or any other glue)
Foam brush or regular paint brush
Sharpie paint pen (I used metallic gold)
2 Paper plates
Mini wooden easel (I painted mine gold so make sure you have spray paint or leave it plain)
Clear gloss spray paint (I used a clear gloss spray from Krylon)

Some of these items I already owned which makes this project even sweeter! I purchased three white 5×5 canvases (one for us and the two others are for the grandparents!) that were originally $4.29 each but were on sale for $2.57. I had glitter at home, but I wanted the extra fine type so that was $3.99 minus $1.60 using a coupon.  The mini wooden easel was on sale for $1.19 (originally $1.99).

Step one is to set up everything so you can get through all the steps, plus clean your kids hands before the glue dries! Line up the three canvases side by side. On one paper plate pour out a little Mod Podge and set the brush next to it. The other paper plate will be used to catch the glitter, so place your glitter next to that.

Mike picked up Lily and I applied the Mod Podge to her tiny hand and firmly pressed down on one of the canvases. After each canvas I applied more glue. Make sure you put enough glue on your child’s hand so there is enough on the canvas to catch the glitter, making the shape of your kid’s full hand. Do all three glued handprints and help your husband/wife with cleaning off your child’s hand.

glitterhanddateGo back and hold each canvas over the other paper plate while you sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue. Lightly shake and tap the canvas to remove the excess glitter. It might look really messy but don’t worry just let it dry! After three hours I went back with a Q-Tip and lightly rubbed off any glitter around and in between the fingers so the hand became more defined. I took the canvases outside and sprayed them with Kryon’s clear gloss spray. I did this to help seal in the glitter a bit more.  Glitter is like the sand at Clearwater beach. If you get that sand in your shoe or bag it seems impossible to get out. Weeks even months later you will discover bits of sand as you dig to find your keys! So give the artwork a little spray of clear gloss or that glitter will get everywhere!

On the back of the artwork make sure you mark the date and your child’s age. I used a Sharpie paint pen in metallic gold.

glitterhandeaselWhile I was outside applying a clear coat to the artwork, I sprayed the mini wooden easel in gold to match the cute keepsake handprint.

Such a sweet little gift that you can keep for years.

Glitter hand keepsake. Sweet gift idea for valentines day for mom/dad or grandparents.

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    January 16, 2013 Reply

    So cute!!

  2. Nancy commented:
    January 17, 2013 Reply

    What a precious idea. Lily is the cutest.

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