Kid Proofing: Toy Baskets

Kid proofing: toy baskets. Keep toy baskets from scratching bookshelves by applying felt to the bottom of them with hot glue!  Gone are the days of a completely organized home 24/7.

As I type there’s a stack of Lily’s books sitting on the ottoman, her mini table and a few scattered with her stuffed animals. Her bag of blocks are scattered all over the floor where she poured them from the bag (she thinks it’s hilarious to dump it right after I filled it). Two puzzles are sitting side by side on the rug where she was attempting to place the princess pieces in the Melissa & Doug animal spots and vice versa. And twenty stuffed animals have started a mosh pit on her oversized Pottery Barn chair. Since Santa’s visit his tent/tunnel gift is conveniently in the middle of the living room, Lily’s new Little People Farm and animals are trying to share space on her mini table with her books, and Cookie Monster’s Kitchen Cafe and accessories have decorated the kitchen floor. All of these will be tucked away in one of the many wicker baskets beside the tv console or tucked in the corner on her bookshelf before Mike and I head to bed.

Everyday is same. We start with all the toys stored and within an hour hurricane Lily sweeps through leaving the family room covered with books, blocks and stuffed animals. But everyday I get to watch her face light up as she pulls the baskets off the shelf and explores the contents like treasure saying “WOW….WOOOOOAH!”

A few weeks after we purchased her bookshelf I noticed that each time Lily pulled a wicker basket out it would scratch the shelf. Fabulous! So today’s kid proofing tip is a simple step to save your wood bookcases from toddler wear and tear.

I went to Joann and purchased cheap felt squares in a dark brown color that best matched the baskets. To attach them I used hot glue. That’s it folks….I told you it was simple. I’m so mad at myself for not thinking of this earlier.

Before Lily ruins the bookshelf in her room I will attach felt to those baskets asap. Oh well…you live and learn- hopefully this tip will prevent your shelves from future toy bin scratches!

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  1. Nicole commented:
    November 16, 2013 Reply

    Just wondering where you found these baskets. I’m in the process of redoing a book shelf for kid toys. Thanks

    • Amy Romano commented:
      November 18, 2013 Reply

      Hey Nicole! I purchased these baskets from Target! They always have them:)

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