Master Bath Makeover: Phase 2

It has been awhile since I last blogged about the makeovers we’re making to our home. Read all about phase one here. Long story short we are stuck in our home for a few more years than we anticipated. Until the market bounces back, we are making some updates now so we don’t have to shell out $$$ when we are ready to sell, plus swallow the $$$ we will have to most likely bring to close. Ugh just thinking that we will have to bring money to the table to close just makes me sick. BUT there is nothing we can do about the market…just wait it out.

Phase one was pretty simple…just painting. Sadly I still have paint swatches on almost every wall in our bedroom. Yes I still haven’t chosen a color for our bedroom!

bathroom makeover. New paint color is BM Conservative GreyPhase two is replacing our countertops in the kitchen, master bath and guest bathroom and updating the faucets. For weeks we stared at our options and brought a few samples home. The only problem with samples is that they are itty bitty. It was so hard to use our imagination what the entire kitchen or bathroom would look like from a sample an inch big. We finally narrowed it down to Silestone quartz in Bamboo for the kitchen and Viatera quartz in Cortina for both bathrooms (both found at Home Depot).

bathroommakeoverCurrently we have corian countertops that have sinks built into them so we had to purchase new ones (Kohler “Caxton” $90) that will be under mounted. The only sink we are saving is our awesome large stainless steel sink in our kitchen. Oh how I LOVE having one large sink for the piles of dishes and sippy cups we go through daily. For the bathrooms I had to let go of the “all white” look because our tubs and toilet are creamed colored, named biscuit to be exact. So we chose countertops that would give the illusion of a white marble look yet would flow with the cream colored sinks and nearby bathtubs. Right now our faucets have a dated look with crystal knobs so they are getting a upgrade to Moen’s Banbury ($59 each).

bathroomdecidingWe still haven’t figured out our mirror and light choices. Mike and I want two separate framed mirrors instead of one large. The lighting in the master bath will be moved to the guest and we will have to find two separate light fixtures to go over each mirror in the master. Before making those purchases we are going to wait until the countertops are installed. We are looking at light fixtures that are on the cheaper end, but match the new faucets (Sea Gull $84 each & 2-light Polished Chrome $71.74 each). I can’t believe how expensive lights and mirror are! Crazy! For the mirrors wer are trying to decide if we want to go ahead and purchase one with molding (Pegasus Carrabelle $70.50 each or Masterbath $147.50) or a plain cheap standard mirror (Erias Home Designs $29.99) and try adding molding myself as a cheap DIY alternative. Above are some options we’re looking at.

One way we are saving is swapping out only the handles in both showers and the roman tub in the master. The current handles on all the fixtures are the crystal knobs. Our sales guy at Home Depot helped us out by looking up replacement parts for Moen and we will be able to buy handles for the showers and roman tub that will match the new Branbury faucets for the sinks! We are still waiting to hear back from Moen for the exact parts and prices.

sinkreplacementsAnother way we made this makeover easier on our wallets was ask for Home Depot gift cards for Christmas. Exciting gifts huh….well to us they were because in two weeks this momma’s kitchen and bathrooms will look brand new! Mike and I also skipped Christmas presents for each other this year to save even more. Plus Mike received a large gift card from his company for all his hard work last month! You know your getting old when getting home appliances and countertops get you giddy!

Once the countertops arrive I’ll post some pictures!! Now I just have to wait until my Christmas presents are installed…tick tock…

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    January 18, 2013 Reply

    Your selections are lovely and it’s going to look great. I agree those samples are way too small!! I drove my husband crazy during our kitchen renovations. Sometimes there are just too many choices and that is just overwhelming. Who knew there were so many shades of white!?

    • Amy Romano commented:
      January 21, 2013 Reply

      Thank you!! I mean really Elizabeth! I was so naive…I thought I would waltz in there and be able to pick out what I wanted quickly. So quickly I even brought Lily, horrible mistake. Who needs a new purse when you can get a new kitchen counter!!

  2. Alana Olsen commented:
    January 20, 2013 Reply

    Hi Amy! I just discovered your blog….as a stay at home mom and floral designer and calligrapher…from Emily Ley’s blog…from Lara Casey’s blog…from Southern Weddings! I love your blog! Not only because I too have a daughter named Lilly, (but with two L’s!) who is 15 months, but your posts are amazing! From your hurricane Lily’s, which I have the same thing every day…morning, afternoon and evenings…every toy from her room to our living room to our kitchen..hysterics with santa…but your amazing projects and recipes and just glimpses of real life! I have been going through page after page and it is so refreshing and encouraging to read your posts! Love the keepsake handprint, definitely doing that this weekend to the muffin tins with pom poms, love it all! Can wait to see more posts! And your little girl is gorgeous!! Thank you for your blog!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      January 21, 2013 Reply

      Hi Alana!
      Thank thank THANK you for those sweet words! I even woke up my husband and told him about your sweet message last night 🙂 Anyone who is a friend of Miss Emily is a friend to me! Oh toddlers….it seems that Lily & Lilly keep us both on our toes. I am so glad you have enjoyed reading and that you have found encouragement in the stories (that made me blush!). I took a look at your website and fell in love with your work, so beautiful and romantic! Hope you have a fabulous week…

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