Oh Weekends How I Love You

At some point on Sunday evenings I get a little bummed that another weekend is creeping to an end. I usually glance over my list(s) created during breakfast or naptime for all the to-dos for the approaching week.

My lists (yes I have multiple) for this week make me sweat, grow more grey hair, want a beer, need Tylenol, giddy laugh and slap myself for planning so much in 5 days.

Tuesday is an all day install for our kitchen, master bath and guest bathroom. YIPEE!!!!! Wednesday the plumber comes to install all faucets and shower fixtures! And Thursday and Friday we are having most of our house inside painted!

To prep (and because I have a little OCD) I started taking items out of drawers and off counters a few days ago, but Monday will be devoted to finishing that task plus starting to take items off the walls being painted….and that’s a whole lotta walls. Our house is a ranch style where our family great room and kitchen are connected. That area plus all the hallways and master bedroom are being painted. I could technically wait until Wednesday to do this BUT Lily is receiving her third treatment for molluscum and this all needs to be done in anticipation for the painful healing process.

Thank goodness my mom and dad live close so we can hang out and sleep there Tuesday while the water is shut off during install. We will stay there Thursday and Friday because a toddler and wet wall paint just don’t mix! So that is prepping the house & walls for install and paint, Lily’s treatment and healing process (breaks my heart), packing all items needed to be away from the house all day Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Somewhere in there I need to finish some blog posts and start work on our condo for our new renters.

So before I break out in hives just thinking of the chaos let me hit pause, think of the wonderful weekend and soak it up.

Oh weekends how I love you. You bring my little family together for scrumptious pancakes, lunch al fresco, kite flying adventures and plenty of sweet moments that will last a lifetime.

weekendkiteLiving in Florida we don’t get your typical winter. Two days of cold are followed by a day in the 70’s, then maybe something in the 80’s before we have a random 50 degree day again. I’m sure anyone reading this in freezing temperatures would slap me silly wanting to soak up some vitamin D.  Mike and I miss having seasons living in Florida, but this weekend’s gorgeous 68-72 degree weather was amazing.

We took Lily to a huge park near our house to fly her butterfly kite for the first time. This child went nuts running around in the open soccer field. Wide open spaces + a toddler are awesome for parents. At small parks I have to follow Lily around so she doesn’t fall off the gym equipment, pick up a dirty cigarette butt and eat it (true story) or attempt to crawl into everglade looking bushes that surely have snakes, gators or ticks carrying Lyme disease (true story again- I got bit in ’08 and of course diagnosed with the disease).  In an open field I can just sit back and watch her run (well “toddler run”) around in complete delight.

wkkiteSo this was as high as we got this sucker. Maybe not enough wind or blame it on a cheap kite. BUT by the smile on her face, that 4 foot high kite was the coolest thing ever to this toddler. It’s not about how high we’re able to get it or how many loops and dips you can do before nose diving it into the ground. It’s about that smile. Pure joy.

weekendflashpancakes Oh weekends you give me the best excuse to break out my griddle and take the time to prepare these amazing whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes for my family. Growing up I would get excited when I would enter the kitchen to a griddle set up. A griddle equalled a huge fluffy pancake breakfast or my favorite southern meal…an egg, sausage & hash brown meal (complete with biscuits & gravy from those sausages!). This griddle is actually my mom’s. It makes me warm & fuzzy inside knowing the traditions are forwarding on to my own family.

lilydogfoodAnd weekends you allow my husband to be present (when he’s not working a convention) and help me teach Lily that the two green bowls are for her doggy, Bentley.

lilydogfood2Bless her heart…this child tries so hard to touch his food and splash around in his water. Sometimes she thinks she is sooo sly just hanging out next to his the two bowls. She slowly scoots closer and closer. Sometimes I can catch her reaching while I’m drying dishes. As soon as my back turns to finish loading the dish washer….she scoots closer or darts out, grabs his food and high tails it out of the kitchen.

lilydogfood3This weekend….she was brazen.  As I was taking the pictures above I got down to her level and sternly said “No, Lily. This is not okay. This is Bentley’s…blah blah blah.” Homegirl looked at me then with her tiny finger reached out and slowly pulled the dog food towards her. Oh NO she didn’t. Well yes…yes she did, that stinker.

So it will be Monday when I publish this post.

I’m confident that I will be struggling to keep Lily from jumping on & off the sofa (her favorite activity that has given me more grey hair to count) or playing in Bentley’s food while I attempt to orderly unload all objects from the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Hurry back weekend….I miss you already.

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