Splurge or Save: Kick Knacks & Bedding

With the makeover to our kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom underway I’ve been doing a little online searching for some knick knacks. I fell in love with these glass terrariums and vintage spoons. To see if I could save some bucks I searched online and found cheaper versions!

During my search I discovered the stitched quilt from Pottery Barn that we used to have in our master before we swapped it out for all white bedding. I was a little ticked when I found a similar version for half the price! That I would share if anyone is shopping for new bedding!

splurge or save glass terraniumSplurge: West Elm $69.99

Save: Target $24.99 (I might spray paint this gold!)splurge or save measuring spnsSplurge: Anthropologie $24

Save: World Market $12.99

splurge or save tufted quilt/duvetSplurge: Isabelle Tufted Voile Quilt $249

Save: Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet $139 $111

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  1. Lauren commented:
    January 29, 2013 Reply

    Beware the pintuck duvet from West Elm… we have the same one, and although I LOVE it, in theory, after only a year, it’s not holding up very well. The spots where the fabric is gathered together is starting to tear, and leave holes there. My husband rolled over just last night, and I heard a little rip. So sad! If you aren’t going to really use it, and have it on the bed, I’d say go for it, otherwise, it might be worth the splurge depending on how the Pottery Barn one is made. Good luck with your projects! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! xo

    • Amy Romano commented:
      January 29, 2013 Reply

      Hey Lauren, I already have this quilt (the P.B. one) and you know our’s ripped on the silk side too! I thought it was a result from my husband jerking the covers every night (he’s a big cover hog!). So maybe it was the stitching! Thanks for sharing!!

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