10 Tips: On Lemons

10 tips on how to pick, juice and use lemons for everyday household needs! A good pin to save!There is always a fresh lemon sitting on my counter or a saved partly used on in the fridge. There are so many uses for this citrus fruit. Last week I shared 10 tips on onions, this week I bring you 10 tips on how to pick, juice and use this fruit for everyday household needs!

1. When purchasing lemons always look for ones with the smallest points on the both ends, a bright color of yellow, along with the smooth skin. Those lemons have the best flavor and more juice.

2. The juice from a lemon helps preserve other foods like apples, avocados and bananas. To keep these fruits from browning after you cut them apply a few drops of lemon juice to the exposed fruit.

3. Juice or grated peel of a lemon can be frozen for up to a year. When lemons (or limes!) go on sale use your grater and store the zest in a freezer safe container. When you need zest for a recipe you can measure out what you need and put the rest back into the freezer! Remember that you only want the yellow part of the peel for zest. The white skin is bitter!

4. For those of you that like to use non-toxic cleaning supplies, apply some lemon juice to a spray bottle of water and vinegar to help mask the strong smell of vinegar. To clean windows drop 4 tbsp of lemon juice per gallon of water in a spray bottle!

5. Do you have rough elbows? Cut a lemon in half and dip in salt or sugar and then rub that elbow for a few minutes. Wash off and apply some lotion. Simple and cheap exfoliation!

6. Remember this tip? Place lemon or the rinds in a hot bath for a free aromatherapy!

7. You can obtain more juice from your lemon if you warm it up in your oven for only a few minutes or place it in hot water for 10 minutes.

8. Using your hand roll your lemon on a counter while pressing firmly down on the lemon. This simple act will also help you get the more juice!

9. Do you have copper cookware or chrome bath fixtures?? Cut a lemon in half, dip it in baking powder or salt and scrub your copper or chrome to make them shiny and new!

10.  Have an odor coming from your sink’s disposal? Drop a lemon into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. The lemon will help eliminate the nasty smell from the shrimp you had for dinner! If your hands smell from handling seafood rub some lemon juice on your hands!

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