Bathroom & Kitchen Makeover Completion!

Finally posting pictures from our kitchen & makeover!

This was no easy experience and I’m not sure why I thought it would be. It took time to finally pin point our counter, light and mirror choices and it took just as long to finally be able to say “makeover is complete.”

I usually always prep my mind that something will go wrong with any big event (ie. My wedding, pregnancy, birth, family trips ect). I don’t view this as a pestimistic outlook but more of a realist view. This way of thinking helps me stay chill if and when something does go haywire. Guess I was just way too excited about the makeover and side tracked about having a super sick toddler to even set myself up for possible complications. And we had a bunch of them.

After the countertop installers left I drove over to check it out and I was shocked at how they did their job. There was missing gaps in the clear sealant around the sinks. Messy application of white caulk in both bathrooms and the kitchen. Since the kitchen island is large there was a seal where two pieces had to come together, which I was totally okay with. However there was a chip on the seal and the installers filled it with colored glue that didn’t blend with the color. The absolute worst part was the holes that they drilled for the faucets in both bathrooms. The holes were made a little off center so the faucets didn’t line up with the drain. From the little detail of caulk to huge miss-alignment of the sinks and faucets I was more than upset. I hated to call and complain, but we spent a lot of money on this project. The plumber was scheduled to be at the house first thing in the morning so we pushed that back so the counters could be re-worked on.

Luckily everything was fixed, even the sinks. The installers just shaved down the holes so the faucet could shimmy to the left a smidge. The only problem that is still not fixed is the insta-hot fixture in the kitchen. The installers misplaced a piece from the fixture and the plumber was not able to fix it. We are working with them to purchase a replacement.

Our biggest problem, yes there was another hiccup, had to do with the people we hired for some fixes in the bathrooms. I explained in my last post about the make-over (read here) that we were taking down the light fixture in the master and moving it to the guest bath. We were also taking down the master’s mirror and replacing it with two separate mirrors and lights.  Mike and I were able to remove the master’s mirror with little damage to the drywall. To save money we hired a handyman for the electrical work and drywall repair. We used a referral from someone else that worked on our condo in South Tampa. We still own Mike’s bachelor pad because of the horrible housing market, so we have been renting it out. We hired the same handyman for repairs to the condo as well.

Sadly the handyman did some work and skipped town. Yep. The drywall was almost done at our house and he had to come back to just do a few touchups {so we were told}. Mike was given an invoice for our house and for the work at the condo to which they already started. Being too trusting Mike paid him for both jobs. We finally got a hold of the guy and we are in the midst of trying to get money back….what a headache.

A positive spin…Kevin our painter…yes we hired a painter. With tall vaulted ceilings and being tired from painting the bathroom we hired Kevin who has painted for us previously. This guy is amazing. During the whole process Kevin let us know that he was able to help out with the leftover repairs at our house and the condo. He swooped in and saved the day by making the changes so new renters could move in and we could finally say “makeover complete”.

So we are finally done and now you know why it has taken so long to show y’all! Here are the before and afters!



denmakeoverbtw the blue tape on the wall above were markers where I installed shelves I made (that DIY project coming soon!)

kitchenmakeroverbeforeWe were thinking of painting out kitchen cabinets cream, but we are going to keep them the way they are. Please excuse the mess I left on the kitchen chairs and couch…I took advantage of nap time to snap these!

It may not look like a completely new kitchen, but it feels that way with the paint color alone. We choose Shaker Beige from Benjamin Moore and the lighter color really makes our home feel bright and more open. We continued with the same color into the master bedroom because we liked it that much!

kitchensinkmakeoverMy camera’s battery decided to die so I didn’t get really great clear images of the sink, my apologies. For the pictures of the bedroom, Lily was up from her nap and this was the best picture I got and Bentley’s placement wasn’t planned either!

bedroommakeoverI swapped out the linen drapes for plain white ones to help lighten the mood along with the paint. We updated the lamps to porcelain blue lamp shades from Pottery Barn to go with our DIY fabric headboard and our Malika rug that also is from P.B. I purchased two matching white pillow shams {that have our monogramed stitched on} and saved the old ones that match the lumbar pillow. Unfortunately Pottery Barn doesn’t have any lumbar pillow covers that fit this style of pillow…so I’m waiting until they do or I find one from somewhere else. We finally put a plain white bed skirt on to finish our all white bed {all linens from Pottery Barn- yes I love that store!}. For our DIY fabric headboard we made read here for the tutorial.

Now for the master bath. Mike was so proud to remove the mirror…




bathroomsinkremodleRemember to read my last post regarding our makeover….there are more details on which fixtures we got and where to buy them! Read that post here.

romanotubmakeoverFor our roman tub we lucked out by only replacing the handles!

bathrromwallWe are loving all the changes! All we are waiting on is the new insta-hot water fixture for the kitchen and painting our bathroom cabinets white. Yep we are going to take on that job….but we are going to wait and enjoy this no-project period! And for a laugh below is an example of all the other pictures that I took of our bedroom when Lily woke up from a nap. It was impossible.

bedroomfinalCheckout the other posts from our makeover Here and Here.

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  1. Joyce commented:
    February 28, 2013 Reply

    Great job on the kitchen. Love the color. Looking forward to seeing all of you and all of the changes. Love you.

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