Yesterday I experienced one of those life moments that I will treasure. A life moment that will have my girlfriends and me laughing for years. A moment I’m proud of…Mike’s proud of…and one day hopefully Lily will be proud of.

Yesterday I completed a 5k. The Dirty Girl Mud Run that benefits cancer. I was one of four girls {McKay Pittman of Oatmeal Lace Design and Emily Ley & Gina Hafley of Emily Ley) that made the Monogrammed Mommas team, complete with personalized sweatbands and of course gold monogrammed tanks. We rocked it. Nerves and excitement in the beginning…hard breaths, laughs and tons of “Eeew this is SO gross” in the middle…and plenty of “Hell YEAHs”, high fives and “MMMMmm” to victory beer and corndogs at the finish line.dirtbefore

Yesterday, if you don’t count the 5 second dashes after my toddler, I ran for the first time since 3 weeks into my pregnancy. Lily is approaching 20 months. That is a long time for no cardio. Needless to say that 5k kicked my cardio-hating-butt.


I may not have run the entire time, but I did it. The whole thing. I had multiple opportunities to cut corners and wait for my team…but I didn’t. At one point while we were walking out my horrible side cramp McKay and I noticed a runner in front start to take one of those shortcuts. McKay kindly mentioned, “I won’t care if you go take that…” I huffed “nope” in between some quick breaths. She followed with a huge “YES!” She was proud, and so was I that I was pushing my cardio-hating-butt past my comfort zone….WAY past!

A mud run was on my bucket list. As I held hands with my girlfriends crossing that finish line I was flooded with emotions. At first I was relieved that it was over.  I felt bad that I wasn’t able to run the entire time and that my fit teammates walked next to me when they could have easily ran the whole thing. And then as I looked around at all the other women, some cancer survivors, I realized that I just accomplished something big. I realized that I had pretty amazing friends that rooted on my huffin and puffin butt. They walked next to me giving me encouragement to push on and support when I needed to walk it out. Those are real friends and I love them for that.

Oh that race was tough y’all. I kid you not that only 15 seconds into the race my lungs burned, my legs already ached and I was thinking “Amy what in the hell did you get yourself into?”

Then we came to our first obstacle. A huge float that you climbed up and on the other side you bounced down. As my almost 31 year old butt bounced on each step going down I felt like I was a kid again. My lungs and body ached, but my spirit was ignited. Throughout the race I had this tug of war between the physical pain, my inner self screaming at my determined soul to just walk and this provoked spirit that with the incredible motivation from my friends pushed the pain and self doubt out of the way so I could cross that finish line

dirtnailsCan I also explain that I have a huge issue with being dirty. I average two showers a day and having black filth wedged under every nail made me cringe. BUT I DID IT.

Because we didn’t want to get buck naked in front of strangers in a pop up tent over astro turf with 30 hoses….we tried our best to wash the dry caked on mud from our hands and feet before throwing on some new clothes and heading home. I’m all for girl power, but I just can’t get naked in front of women like that. It took me 3 showers until I felt I had successfully removed 98% of the dirt from my body (the other 2% remained in my finger and toe nails that I needed toothpicks for!). After the first shower I started to wipe myself down when I noticed brown streaks on my white towels. UGH. I couldn’t believe I thought I had done a superb job at removing the grime, but there was my white towels proving otherwise. I had even used a pumice stone to scrub my skin! After the second shower I found a little bit of dirt when I cleaned out my ears with a Q-Tip….so back in the shower I went. Yes I’m a little crazy I know.

dirtafterTrying to run for the first time in over 2 years, fighting my inner self doubt, remembering to breath, climbing up ropes and walls, crawling in mud, sliding down into muddy water and maneuvering around all the land mines (aka horse sh!t) was tough…BUT I DID IT!

“Damn it feels good to be a gangsta….” Current song playing in my head as I commit this moment to memory….

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  1. Carol Cusick commented:
    February 11, 2013 Reply

    You go girl!! Before you know it, You will be wanting to do a Marathon!

  2. Elizabeth commented:
    February 13, 2013 Reply

    Way to go, Amy! I did a Mud Run last spring and it was so challenging and fun. It was at a nearby ski resort. What was I thinking?! There was hardly any flat ground, just hills. I think climbing the hills were the hardest part. I was hesitant to get dirty too. My husband couldn’t believe I let it get it in my hair b/c I don’t like being dirty either. Once I did that first obstacle though, it was all over and SO fun! I’d totally do it again…..maybe after baby #2 gets here

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