Cute Hardware Trumps Goldfish Crackers

{Today is a day to vent…no tips…just a peak into yesterday’s fun trip to Hobby Lobby with a toddler}

You know those moments when you say to yourself “Nope….don’t do it. Do it another day…” But then another little voice inside says “Go for it…you know you wanna…

That internal conversation played out in my head yesterday and I decided to go for it. Quite frankly I should have listened to my initial thought and stuck to some easier errands for a Monday. But are there really any easy errands when you have a toddler???

A simple craft for my laundry room quickly flipped into a mini-makeover. The changes I’ve made to our kitchen and master bath (final post is coming soon- my camera broke!), have lead me on a let’s-make-changes-to-EVERY-room spree.

My internal conversation drummed up because I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to purchase some cute cabinet hardware for the laundry room. The problem was that the store was over 40 minutes away. Knowing that I get a little carried away in craft stores with time and money, I started my attempts to talk myself out of going.

Amy, just go to the grocery store. Finish organizing the clutter in the dining room…

BLEH…shopping for cute hardware trumps shopping for Goldfish crackers…so off to Hobby Lobby we went.

Within five minutes from entering the sliding entrance doors Lily began her toddler whines. I thought she would be excited to finally be out of her car seat and entering a new store filled with eye candy. Well the last thing she wanted was to be strapped into that shopping cart. So for the next 30 minutes Lily began a toddler strike while I tried to quickly peruse the isles for door knobs, cheap white frames, and other home décor.

Her first dramatic whales were quickly calmed with some crackers. When the Goldfish weren’t cutting it I forked over my cell phone so she could talk to Elmo, watch Mickey Mouse and play animal sounds. Each time her tantrums would dwindle by giving her something new to play with and my inner self would saw phew and wipe the sweat beads starting to form on the forehead.

Nothing was going to keep her happy until she was freed from the belt restricting her from standing up and jumping off the shopping cart (she almost did that once in the grocery store & I about died).

After hucking my phone to the ground a few times, purposely spilling her yogurt raisins somewhere in the Easter isle and finally spitting out her cheese stick twice on the ground (I might have ignored the raisins, but I picked up the have eaten mozzarella) I rushed to the checkout. The man in front of me pointed to the next stand that just opened and I was blown away by the courtesy. He assured me that as a retiree he had all the time in the world and I could go first. Proof that southern manners do exist south of the Florida panhandle!

While unloading my awesome goods I felt a light tap on my arm. I was a sweaty hot mess and I thought it was going to be a store manager telling me I left a nice mess in the Easter isle. Nope, it was the sweetest old woman offering up a 40% off coupon. Oh I wanted to hug her. I must have turned around 5 times to repeat my gratitude. On the sixth time she had moved to the quicker checkout line because I had obviously purchased too much stuff.

Lily continued to say her favorite word “Hi” to the store clerk until her gaze caught the big lollipop stand on the counter which led her to her final tantrum. Remembering I had a strawberry dum-dum in my side pocket I reached in and pulled it out. Taking out my wallet I looked up to meet the eyes of a woman who was obviously judging that I had just given my almost two year old sugar on a stick after a 3 second tantrum. That inner voice wanted to unleash on that woman, but I killed the moment with kindness and flashed a smile.

The crazy experience wasn’t over just yet. Unzipping my wallet I began to panic when my debit card was M.I.A. I could feel the warmth in my face as my cheeks turned red. I could feel sweat start to trickle down my back while You have GOT to be kidding me repeated over and over in my head. Luckily I had made a return to Target a few days ago and received just enough cash to make my purchase at Hobby Lobby. I never carry cash on me. I swipe the plastic for all purchases.

That strawberry dum-dum and an episode of Barney on the iPad got me all the way home with not one whine or whimper for another sugar treat. After putting Lily down for a much needed nap my little inner voice spoke…

“Look…you got home with more than you needed from Hobby Lobby…
A sweet old man and lady showed you that there are still sweet, thoughtful and generous people amongst those that will judge you for giving your kid sugar on a stick…
You were given a coupon so you saved money (even though you purchased a few items that weren’t on the list…
AND you found your debit card hiding in your pocket from your stop at the gas station…”

I might not have agreed with the next statement after I got home from Hobby Lobby, however a few hours later and dinner out leads me to agree with the inner voice and think about the positives from today’s chaos. So like I said before shopping for cute hardware trumps shopping for Goldfish crackers.

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  1. Nancy commented:
    February 19, 2013 Reply

    Sounds like quite the adventure! And I agree, much more fun than the grocery store. So jealous, Boston area or New England for that matter do not have Hobby Lobby’s. Have a great week, can’t wait to see all the pictures of the house.

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