Keeping Her Busy: Sprinkler Fun

Keeping your toddler busy: sprinklers! Target has some cheap sprinkler heads that you attach to your hose that will keep your toddler busy and bring you tons of laughs!Warm winters in Florida allow us to visit the beach and run through sprinklers. This weekend we visited Honeymoon Island, a beautiful state park with walking trails and a beach devoted to the furry four legged pets. It was overcast, windy and 70 degrees…yet you would think it was in the 30’s due to the number of jackets on the beach goers.

Lily chased the seagulls who then perched right next to us waiting to steal the crackers in her fingers. We named one of the birds Lefty for the missing right webbed foot. Lefty had some guts. That bird hovered inches above us in hopes for a snack. Mike spent a majority of snack time scaring off the feathered beggars. When it came to the ocean, Lily wasn’t having it. Mike would stand at the foot of the cold water and with each rolling wave Lily would run in the opposite direction with her hands in the air.

I have countless memories from my childhood running through sprinklers. I hit the jackpot in Target last week when I discovered three super cheap sprinkler heads.  There was an adorable white flower fountain head, a spinning one and the classic long rectangle sprinkler that sways back and forth. Currently our pool is freezing so we broke out the hose and tried the sprinklers for a morning full of fun.

sprinklerLike most activities Lily was apprehensive of the fountain. As soon as she would feel droplets of water she would high tail it away just like she did at the beach.

sprinkler1Mike decided to rip off the Band-Aid by running Lily back and forth through the water…

sprinkler3I think she liked it!

She grew the confidence and did it all by herself.

sprinkler2She was having so much fun she just let the water rain down on her.

sprinkler4Mike received a few shots to the face when he changed the sprinkler heads…I might have enjoyed those moments a little too much!

sprinkler5We turned the water down low so the tiniest fountain formed. Lily hovered over, waved her hands in the water and would attempt to grab the water. This grabbing movement looked like little crab gestures. I could have sat in the chair for hours watching her.

These cheap Target sprinkler heads are gold in my book. They’re going to provide Lily hours of entertainment and plenty of memories…



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  1. Jen commented:
    February 25, 2013 Reply

    You are a fabulous Mommy! Lily is getting so big!!! Miss you guys! xoxo

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