Recording Your Baby’s First Experiences

Year of Firsts chalkboard picture gallery. Easy and cheap way to display all your baby's first experiences for their first birthday!Lately I’ve received many emails asking about the ‘year of firsts’ chalkboard picture gallery I made for Lily’s first birthday party. Out of all the DIY projects the ‘year of firsts’ was the easiest! I had a few pictures scattered around the party; however, this was a great way to display pictures and memories without it being picture overload!

The chalkboard was an old mirror that I painted with chalk paint (read about that tutorial here). Looking through the pictures on my computer I made a list of all the “firsts” I managed to capture on film.

First cry, smile, hair bow, tutu, roll, food and bath. First trip to the zoo and the aquarium. Her first football season in which she supported ASU & PITT. Her first holiday season, plane trip, international trip and first time with her toes in the sand.

I printed the pictures and attached them to the chalkboard with double-sided tape. To label the pictures I used different colored chalk pens (found online or at your local Joann’s).

And that is it! See how easy peasy that was!

Her first birthday was a bunting theme and I included a bunting near the food display of monthly pictures I had taken. My mom took pictures of my brother and me in the same chair so it was pretty cool to see how big we got in comparison to the same chair. I did the same thing with Lily for the first 12 months using the glider in her room and making her hold a pink sock monkey my mom gave her. This was also an easy and cheap project.

Photo bunting for your baby's first birthday. Take pictures each month of your baby in the same spot or chair so you can see how big they have grown. hang these pictures on a bunting for a cheap and sweet decoration for a first birthday! If you don’t have a chalkboard you can purchase large black paper boards from Joann’s or Michaels. Attach the pictures and use chalk pens to give the illusion of a chalkboard! For a small change you could label the display a ‘year of memories’ and display your favorite pictures from that year instead! I might be doing this for Lily’s second birthday!

The ‘year of firsts’ chalkboard gallery was a fun project to create, but I did tear up thinking of how fast she had grown in those first twelve months. Crazy to think I only have 4 more months until her second birthday.

Read more about her sweet bunting themed first birthday here and here!

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
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    Where did you get that pink map? I must have it!

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