free & cheap toddler Activities: Part 2

freetodleractivitiespart2I’m back with another list of fun, free or cheap toddler activities. Look back at the first list of activities if you are visiting the blog for the first time!

Building blocks – toddlers love to build it up and knock it down!

Go On a Treasure Hunt – grab a bucket and walk around the house, neighborhood, or park and collect “treasures”.  Lily lets out the cutest Ooos and Ahhhs over pieces of bark, leaves, flowers or a funny looking rock. I call them her treasures!

Object sorting with muffin tins

Keeping your kid busy: Give your tot a muffin tin and objects like craft colored cotton balls, box cars or Legos and have then sort by color, size or by object. A FREE activity that teaches your kid something!Head to the park – Lily is a park fanatic. Sometimes she likes to just run around and collect treasures (pieces of bark, rocks or pretty leaves), but she has grown her confidence so the slides have become her favorite. Try visiting state parks to switch it up. Most parks have an admittance fee but they are typically cheap (one near my house is only $3 for the whole day!).

Bike Ride – we did spend money on a child seat to attach to our bike, but it pays off in the end. I’m getting cardio in while spending time with Lily and she goes bonkers over the birds, planes and squirrels!

Itsy Bitsy Spider and other silly songs – who cares if you don’t sound like Adele, your kid will love your rendition of the 3 little monkeys! If you don’t remember the lyrics then google it or hum to a cd while you dance along.

Tickle Monster – this is one of Lily’s favorite. She loves to be tickled and the tickle monster chases her around the house to tickle her. Sometimes the tables get turned and she becomes the monster.

Hide and Seek – tickle monster often turns into hide and seek. Lily loves to hide behind the curtains.

Take a Walk – don’t have time to drive to a park? Just take a quick walk around the block. Look for birds, bugs, and squirrels.

playingwithdirt5Go Dig in Dirt – sometimes getting dirty is the best type of play. I have a plastic shovel that I scored in the dollar section at Target and Lily loves to dig in the dirt. My poor flowers…

READ – it took some time for Lily to get into books. When I would read to her she would flip the pages before I could spit out three words. Now Lily begs for me to read.

Puzzles – if you have a toddler you can still play with puzzles. Melissa & Doug makes some beautiful wood puzzle boards!


sprinkler4Play with dolls, army or character toys

Tea parties – use a plastic tea set or break out your child’s mini plates/bowls and sporks and have fun! Give them cheerios and goldfish instead of cucumber sandwiches!

Toliet Paper Fun – wrap your child up like a mummy and let them break free. Have them try and wrap your legs and arms. Or just give them the roll and let them see what they do with it. Sit on the ground and roll it to them and have them roll it back. Easiest clean up!

Fly a Kite – Walmart has kites under $2! It’s so magical to them and Lily loves to help hold the kite.

Jell-O Dig Jell-O Dig, a super fun (& tasty!) activity for toddlers. Make Jell-O and place objects inside before it sets in the fridge. Let your toddler dig and search for the objects! Learning & sensory play & an afternoon snack in one!Remember to check out the first round of activities here!

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