Kid Proofing: The Trash Can

Kid Proofing: The Trash Can. Make room in a cabinet for your trash can. For your sanity just do it! You can purchase the pull out trash cans that are so easy! No more worrying about your kid digging around in your trash!The day Mike and I showed Lily how to throw away trash was one of those moments where we beamed with joy.

Wow look how awesome that is. Our little girl is friggin awesome! Oh Lily that is yucky go throw it….oh GOOD GIRL! Thanks for throwing it away.

Then the tables turned pretty quickly when she realized that there was other stuff inside that huge shiny container. Being able to reach that stuff and take it out as easily as she could put in fascinated her. Man did our proud parent bubble burst.

My dumpster diver daughter became obsessed with the trash can. Yes it was still awesome when she would toss a dirty paper towel away, but she was taking more empty Truvia packets and banana peels out than she was kindly throwing away.

I posted a live action dumpster dive for a banana peel on Instagram (@lilyandbliss). What I didn’t show was the picture of her swiftly taking a bite of it….vomit.

Needing to take our kitchen utensils out of our cabinets for the installation of our new counter tops (read about our kitchen makeover here), I decided to re-organize and make room for a hidden trash can. After rearranging some of our items I was so surprised how much space I now had.

For your sanity make room in one of your kitchen cabinets/pantry to store your trash can. Lowe's or Home Depot sell pull out trash cans that are easy to install. Hide your trash so you don't have to worry about your kid digging in it!I could have just placed an open trash can in the cabinet, but I thought it would be annoying to lift the container in and out to change the bag and toss large items. My mother has a built in double trash can system that pulls out…so wanting to copy that but not wanting to build one I purchased one from Lowe’s instead!

The Rev-A-Shelf was around 70 bucks and worth every penny. You drilled the bottom rack inside the cabinet and it was complete within minutes. We decided to purchase the double trash system and save the second one for recycled items. Mike has a habit (and sometimes I do too!) of leaving an empty milk jug on the kitchen counter instead of walking it out to the garage. I didn’t care when he first started to do this, but one hour would lead into another… then an empty pasta box from lunch would join…and then we end up with a heap of recycled trash on the counter. Now we have a spot under the counter for those recyclables.

The cabinet has a child lock on it so NO MORE DUMPSTER DIVING in my kitchen…no ma’am!

Check out all the different kinds of pull out trash cans from Lowe’s here (prices from $34 to $$$) and Home Depot has here (prices from $39 to $$$) and The Container Store has a few here (prices from $49-$69).

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  1. Megan commented:
    March 20, 2013 Reply

    You read my mind… I came by to see what was going on… and your garbage post is something I have been DREAMING of!!! Piper is doing the same thing as Lily and putting her toys in too if it breaks then getting it back out. GROSS CITY!! Thanks for sharing- going to get it doneeeeee!!!! xo

  2. Amy Romano commented:
    March 21, 2013 Reply

    Totally gross…right!!! Today she discovered my tiny trash can in my bathroom while I was putting on makeup….made me gag!

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    July 21, 2017 Reply

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