Our First Kid Free Vacation & Free Printable

Tomorrow Mike and I are boarding a plane for 4 ½ days in Key West. This is going to be the first time I leave Lily longer than a 5 hour stretch. Living only five minutes away my parents will be watching Lily and as her mother I wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone else watching my baby.

To make it easier my mom will be staying at our house so I don’t have to pack anything and everything. Since my mom lives so close she is very familiar with my house and where our medicine is, laundry detergent and where we store our extra diapers in the garage.

I started typing lists upon lists to prepare my mom with everything she would need to know. My compulsive list making even made me pop open illustrator and create a pretty document for future babysitter’s reference. And by future babysitters….that’s still waaaaay in the future because I don’t know when I will trust anyone but my own mother to watch my kid…I’m crazy I know.  Free #printable babysitter form. A blank form for you to fill all the important info regarding your child's health, food, bed & bath routine.

I took all the necessary key pieces from the lists I complied to fill out this form. Where we will be staying (hotel number and address), trip information (flight info), emergency information (doctor address & number, allergies, medication ect.), meal & snack ideas, bed & bath routine and a miscellaneous section.

To print this freebie click on this link!

Some moms reading this might be rolling their eyes that I haven’t yet detached myself from Lily BUT I’m sure there are moms just like me. The post-partum plays a heavy roll and for weeks I have been on the verge of tears thinking of the trip. Three days ago I put Nemo on and I had to cover my face with a blanket to pretend that I was hiding while I silently sobbed when Nemo’s daddy thought he was dead. Damn you Disney. At the end of the movie his dad says goodbye as Nemo heads off to school and again I pretended to hide under the blanket.

I know I need to get away. Mike and I need that time as adults and as a couple to just relax. To sleep in. To take a nap whenever. To not worry about Lily playing in the trash or toilets (true story). To go a day without snot or changing a diaper HOLLA!!!

tripgiftsI’d like to think Lily will miss us….but she most likely won’t. So I used a great idea from my girlfriend Emily Ley and prepped some tiny gifts in paper bags for Lily to open each day. She will have a little note and a new toy, book or activity to keep her busy. Gotta love Target’s dollar section!

Thursday: a new Mickey Mouse pop up book
Friday: Maracas, bouncy ball and a set of bracelets
Friday Night: Crayola crayons made especially for the bath
Saturday: mini bubble making gun (battery included!), dollar sunglasses
Sunday: Alice in Wonderland board book & Alice stickers
Monday: Mini bag of gummi bears, Nemo color & sticker book and her first Barbie

Lily doesn’t need the gifts…but it will make me smile knowing she’s having a great time!

So if anyone will be in the Keys this weekend I will be the mom dancing with the band, letting my hair down riding mo-peds and sleeping poolside while placing a towel over my head pretending to sleep…

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  1. Jen commented:
    March 6, 2013 Reply

    Have an amazing trip! You deserve a little R&R. Lily will be fine and just think of how excited she will be to see you when you get back 🙂

  2. natalie commented:
    January 5, 2015 Reply

    Thank you! This is great. Exactly what I was looking for.

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