4 ½ days in Key West was just what this momma needed. My mind and soul needed a little “time off” to recharge.

Walking back to our room after a delicious breakfast Mike hesitantly said, “this feels good…to be here without her.” And I agreed. For a moment we both felt so bad feeling that way and actually saying the words made us feel like the worst parents.

I wish it didn’t taste like vinegar coming out, but it did.

With daily pictures, videos and Facetime the 4 ½ days cruised by easier than I had anticipated. Lily was perfect…and had no problems. She had a blast and could have cared less that I was missing. That part stung, yet it would have hurt worse if she were crying out for me. I might have attempted to rent a car and drive back home if that was the scenario. Her smiles made me push through and enjoy our little vacation.

Kid free vacations are a necessity. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we were gone. It wasn’t about skipping out on diaper duty for 4 days. I have been tightly wound up since giving birth (maybe even during my pregnancy), so allowing my body, mind and soul a little time out was just what I needed. As a parent you are constantly on the clock, even while you sleep. You hear cries at 3 am and you have to punch your time card to find the binky or rock your kid back to sleep. When you wake up before you child you are mentally prepping for the day’s activities or quickly starting a load of laundry before making coffee. Always working… thinking…doing.

On vacation my sleep was only interrupted at 3 am by drunk spring breakers stumbling home (this only happened once thank goodness). On vacation the only mental prep in the am was deciding to have breakfast in bed or by the ocean. On vacation I could actually relax and unplug while catching some sunshine poolside. As a couple having that alone time is crucial as well. I focus so much solely on Lily that I realized that I might have been neglecting Mike. Devoting time just to him and recharging my battery will only make me a better person, wife and mommy. I now realize that as tough as it may be to leave Lily, I need it.

I hope over time that realization will stop tasting like vinegar.

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    March 15, 2013 Reply

    yay for you! The most time we have had away from Ella is two nights, while she was at the grandparents house. At first, we were like “what are we going to do?” I don’t know what I used to do with my time before I was a mom. A beach vacay would be such a treat!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      March 15, 2013 Reply

      Elizabeth there was this “Um now what” moment…but that faded. It looks like Disney was a blast! I LOVED all of Ella’s outfits!

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