5 year marker

weddingbeachkissI feel like I just came home from the hospital with Lily yesterday. Celebrating five years of marriage??? Really? It feels more like ten…but that’s a good thing!

Mike is my best friend, a loving husband and the best father. THE BEST. He still gets excited to get her up in the morning and after naps when he’s home. He’s not afraid to be a daddy to a little girl, twirling like a ballerina, playing with dolls and “creating” pretty ponytails finished with bows.

I’m a lucky gal.

Five years ago Friday I was a nervous wreck. Not that I wasn’t ready or that Mike wasn’t ‘the one’. He was and is. All that planning and then the day finally arrived. We would be standing in front of all of our family and close friends (and all the resort on lookers) and that was scary. I’m not a big fan of being the center of attention. I was so worried that something was going to go wrong. Things did. Lots of things. But by the time I finally got down that isle and said I do…I just didn’t care as much.

weddingbeachlaughWhenever a friend or a stranger gets hitched I have two big pieces of advice. The first is to expect that something will go wrong. That way when something does, you will be ready and focused on what really matters…marrying your love and future father of your unborn children. Brides can loose focus on what the wedding is really about. They get all wrapped up in the production and lose sight of the actual significance of why there’s a party.

At my wedding the mishaps started while we were getting ready. A little over an hour before the wedding our wedding suite was getting a bit too warm. The room faced Clearwater beach with stunning views from the rows of windows wrapping around the suite. By the time I was standing in front of those windows getting shots of the gown and veil I was a sweaty ball of nerves. We later found out that the AC would only turn on if the sliding glass doors to the balconies were locked. We all kept going outside to enjoy the sunshine and views, so we didn’t think we needed to lock it to turn on the AC….pretty fancy technology that we were unaware of. Actually there was a sticker on the glass door with instructions but it was overlooked by my nerves and five glasses of champagne.

The next hiccup was when I walked down the isle. I told my dad right before the doors opened that I was going to barf. That faded when I heard the singer’s voice crack (twice) and all I could think of was how bad it sounded. Not at all what I had dreamed of. BUT my cake….was totally dreamy….a dreamy pink beach sand castle!

weddingcakeWe had requested pink margaritas to be served. Nothing. The band looked like they rolled out of bed. I didn’t request uniforms, but a raggedy t-shirt and baggy cargo shorts? There were no candles even though each table was to be covered in them. And the lights stayed on, instead of dimmed, a majority of the evening. The wedding coordinator was sick and insisted she make the wedding announcements instead of letting her assistant help. Imagine a raspy  voice with laryngitis trying to announce ….”Now put your hands together for Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romano….”….Oh Mike and I crack up about it now.

weddingcrystalOh the linens were my favorite slip up. We were supposed to have this light organza laying on the tables and the chairs were suppose to be a simple white cover. When Mike and I made our entrance to the ballroom I was mortified. Bright dark pink sashes were tied around every single chair. Pretty sure the reception could have passed for an event for Pepto-Bismol. Again, I made a few comments to Mike and friends but I didn’t let the screw ups ruin the day. I had too much fun laughing at one of the groomsmen while he created as many looks as he could with the vibrant chair sash. When he used it as a shoe rag and proceeded to polish the camera man’s feet I giggled so hard I almost peed my gown.

weddingfirstlookisleBesides prepping yourself for the inevitable wedding hiccup my other advice is the most important. When you get to the isle and you see your fiancé, lock eyes and don’t look away. Whether you have a long way or a short distance, that moment was my absolute favorite. It was Mike’s first glance and the waterworks immediately started. He will tell you wind blew sand into both of his eyes…but we all know the truth! I lost track of the off key wedding singer when I finally saw Mike waiting for me next to our pastor.

weddingvowsNow what’s my advice for marriage? Ha I would like to know the answer if anyone has it please. Marriage is just like motherhood…you learn along the way. Five years later and I’m still learning…

*Cake created by the talented Kim from Chocolate Pi in Tampa, FL. and pictures taken by Jeff from Ortiz-Sellers Photography.

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  1. Angela Yates commented:
    April 24, 2013 Reply

    Happy 5Year Anniversary Amy and Mike!!! As I sit here and read this…. I don’t recall any of those things you mentioned!!!! You all had an AMAZING wedding!!!! It was so beautiful, classy, and FUN!!!!!
    The cake was dreamy… And tasted great!!! I still put it down as the best wedding Ive attended!!! And…better then some of those shows on TV!!!!! 😀

    • Amy Romano commented:
      April 25, 2013 Reply

      Thank you so much Angela- you made me blush!

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