Easy Journals For Parents

With little time as parents these easy journals make is so simple to record your child's first foods or words, funny sayings and sweet memories. These would make the best keepsakes to give your kids when they grow up and become parents!My sweet Lily is will be two years in June and it blows my mind. Yes time flies, we all hear that. But to look at your child and glance through pictures it is truly God’s work at how much your child grows in the first two years.

While I’m doing laundry I often stop and stare in awe at the little notches on the DIY growing ruler. Lily is a tall toddler and is always mistaken for a 3 year old (once for a 4 year old!). So with her height there are so many incredible gaps where you can see miraculous growth spurts.

With height there are so many firsts and sweet memories, that as parents you want to cling to so you don’t forget. And let me tell you that that forgetful pregnancy brain thing…..it doesn’t fade after you give birth. And when my fellow momma friends and I try to think about the early months of motherhood we are stumped.

I have a baby book for Lily that I have been terrible at filling out. It is going to take me forever to fill that thing out. Good thing is that I have this blog as a wonderful way to preserve memories. I saved the calendar from the first year where I penciled in when she crawled, first haircut and what were the first foods she tried. It is so important to hold write down those moments because pregnancy motherhood brain will get cloudy and you will forget.

A few weeks ago I picked up a sweet little book from Barnes & Noble called The Modern Mom’s Memory Journal. It’s a daily journal that asks you questions like “What did your kid smell like today”, “What was something your child did today that will embarrass him/her as a teenager” and “What was your good/bad mom moment”. Every day has different questions and an extra section for additional info from that day’s events. This will be something really fun for Lily to read when she is struggling as a first time mom.

Creating some blog posts can be therapeutic and if you don’t have a blog, just write your thoughts down. Sometimes as I’m rambling through my fingers in a Word document I find clarity….peace. So to help you moms or soon-to-be-moms here are some other easy journals to help you keep track of all those restless nights, the sweet smell of vanilla in their hair after a bath (I LOVE the Honest Company’s shampoo), those category 4 tantrums or those touching moments where you child grabs your hand at the mall and smiles.

1. The Modern Mom’s Memory Journal  $10.69 (usually $14.95) Amazon

2. Mom’s One Line A Day $14.36 (usually around $17) Amazon
This is a five year journal where you only need to take a few minutes to capture your favorite memory of the day or something funny your kid said. Just one line…pretty easy!

3. Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal $7.50 Walmart
The hardest part of being a parent is finding time to devote to “me time”. This journal is perfect because each entry only takes a few seconds to complete. From simple questions like what are the 5 books you love reading to your kids at the moment or (my favorite) is ranking objects of importance at the moment….Spanx to perfume.

4. My Quotable Kid $14.95 Target
A parent’s journal of unforgettable quotes. I also purchased this book because kids say the most comical things all the time. Each page gives you plenty of space to record your child’s hilarious, intelligent or sweet words. It also includes an area for you to document your child’s name (in case you have more than one kid), their age, when & where. There is no stress in filling this out daily and you can continue to use this for as long as there are pages! Silly sayings as a two year toddler ranging until those rebellious words at sixteen!

5. The Mommy Journal $13.31 Amazon
Another great option for the moms with little time (well I think that’s all of us!). It’s not pre-dated for you so there is no guilt if you miss a day or even a month! Each entry is short and simple. There is a place to record the date and a blank section for you to record anything from your favorite week’s activities or the day your child lost his or her first tooth.

6. Q & A For a Day For Kids $11.37 (usually around $16.95) Walmart
This is a 3-year journal that parents can fill out with their kids (ages 4-10) with their thoughts and dreams. This could also be perfect for a starter journal just for kids that would make the best keepsake!

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