Other Great Uses For Dryer Sheets

Great pin to save! Great ideas on how to use dryer sheets for other uses. Use it as a sachet, freshen your gym shoes, help remove stubborn dish grime and other great ideas!I’m not a total coupon freak, I don’t go out of my way to search and buy the non-brand equivalent to my favorite name brand foods and products. I do pre-plan our meals in an effort to save money on wasted groceries. Don’t you hate it when you spend $100 or more and when you get home you have no idea what to cook??? Pre-planning the meals has become a huge way I help contribute to saving $$. I also like finding multiple uses for objects I already own in lieu of going to a store and shelling out more money. And dryer sheets are one of those objects that have multiple uses other than for your laundry!

1. Don’t have a sachet to keep your lingerie smelling clean? Toss a dryer sheet in your drawer to keep your lingerie or even your pajamas smelling fresh.

2. Gym shoes are just disgusting. In between the times you clean those sweat filled shoes place a dryer sheet (cut one in two for each shoe) in them to help with the smell. Have a gym bag??? Place a dyer sheet in there too!

3. You can save those used dryer sheets and re-use them to help dust your house! I use mine and dust my blinds.

4. A dryer sheet can help with funky car smell as well! There is a Greek restaurant that my husband loves and when we get take out the smell lingers in my car. It makes me gag when I attempt to run my errands the next day. To quickly lessen the gyro and red onion smell I fold a dyer sheet and wedge it in between the air vents. I turn the air on full blast and the car immediately begins to smell fresh. During the heat of the summer your car can just get a stale smell, so I always leave a dyer sheet beneath the passenger seat.

5. For the best way to clean nasty caked on food from pans, plates or pans remember this tip with a dyer sheet??? It’s a game changer!

6. Having crazy static in your dress or skirt and have no time to fluff it in the dryer? Take a dryer sheet and rub it all around the inside of your dress or skirt to make the embarrassing cling go away.

7. Have tough water stains in your toilet? In Florida our water can leave stubborn hard watermarks in our shower and toilets. We got a soft water system installed, but we had to break up the stains from the previous owners. Toss in two dryer sheets in your toilet and let it sit. Use your toilet brush after to scrub the stains away!

8. If you have a small load of laundry cut your dryer sheet in half to save money!

9. I enjoy cooking fish, but it can leave your kitchen smelling pretty bad especially if you’re frying them. Of course you can open some windows and light a strong smelling candle…but to help speed up the process you can place a dryer sheet (or two!) in your air vents! Last summer my family and I rented a condo in Hilton Head for a family reunion. The previous renter had to be a fisherman, or had a fish fry for six days straight, or someone was playing a cruel joke and hid a fish somewhere inside the unit because the condo smelled horrible. It was almost unbearable. We ran to Piggly Wiggly for some Glade candles, room spray and some dryer sheets. The rental company had someone come out to clean the carpets and “defog” our room, but nothing really helped. We stuck dryer sheets in the vents and just laughed about it as we didn’t want it to ruin our vacation! So if you ever find yourself in a smelly room try sticking some dryer sheets in the air vents!

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