Splurge or Save: Outdoor Drapes

splurge vs save (and a middle of the road option) for outdoor drapes. Get your patios ready for the summer!Oh the stomach bug has been circulating and it finally hit our home me. I’m so lucky that my mom lives so close because she was able to drop everything and come over to watch Lily for the day. A HUGE thank you to my momma!!!

So on to the post…the warm weather is upon us and for Floridians we won’t have a cold day for a loooooong time. Having a comfortable backyard is pretty important since we will be spending a majority of our summer out there.

Table and chairs…check. Sandbox & water play area for the toddler…check. Flowers and herbs planted…check. Pool gate…check. Pool noodles and other toddler toys for the water…check.

We have already starting taking advantage of the 80 degree weather with evening family pool time. The pool is still a bit chilly, but with the humidity it’s very refreshing. Monday evening when the stomach bug hit me the last thing I wanted was to be out in the heat. Lily was going to enter a full out tantrum if I didn’t go out, so I dipped my toes and just cradled my head in my arms while Mike took her swimming. One of my favorite items in my backyard are the long white grommet drapes that give us some privacy from our neighbor. I found some cheap ones from JCPenny, but with the rain and humidity mold got on the drapes and I could not get it out. Sadly those drapes were discontinued and after web searching I found ones at West Elm that were pretty cheap for a 108″ drape.

Today I bring you a splurge vs save for any of y’all thinking of putting up drapes to spruce up the patio or create some privacy for the summer time! Splurge is Pottery Barn and the save option hails from World Market. I’ve included links to West Elm for a in between option and because I love mine so much!

Slurge: Pottery Barn’s Outdoor Grommet Drape
50” x 84” $59
50” x 96” $69
50” x  108” $79

Save: World Market’s White Escape Grommet Top Curtain
50” x 84” $29.99
50” x 96” $34.99
50” x 108” $39.99

Middle: West Elm Solid Outdoor Drape in white
48” x 84” $49 (on sale now for $39)
48” x 96” $54 (on sale now for $43)
48” x 108” $59 (on sale now for $47)

splurge vs save outdoor drapes in stripeAnd in case you like the popular stripe, both stores have options for you!

Splurge: Pottery Barn’s Classic Stripe grommet drape in tumbleweed  50”x90” $99.

Save: World Market’s Khaki Striped Escape Grommet Top Curtain  50” x 90” $39.99

So Splurge or Save or the middle option!?!

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