Spring Cleaning Tip: Clothes

It’s spring cleaning time! You know you need to do it. If you’re already packing up your Easter décor you’re already in the cleaning mode. I loathe cleaning, but the aftermath of an organized home is well worth it.

Today I bring you some great tips to help your spring-cleaning…..in your closet!

Growing up my mom always had a rule for cleaning out closets….if you haven’t worn the shirt/dress/pants in the past year then get rid of it! This can be a hard rule for those of us moms still hanging on to the hope that we will fit back into those pre-baby clothes so there can be an exception to the rule!

Clothing Rule Exception- If you are working your way back to your pre-baby body then you are like me and have tons of pre-baby clothes hanging in the closet. Free up the space by putting those clothes up. I have some Garnityr boxes from Ikea ($19.99 for 2). These boxes come with blank labels for the front of the box so you can list the contents. Mine currently red “small sweaters”, “large sweaters”, “small tops” and “work clothes”. Make sure that if you are going to store your clothes in containers or space saving bags that you add cedar balls to repel nasty insects like moths that will leave that pretty J Crew sweater with holes. For motivation to continue to shed those baby pounds I do leave a few skinny dresses and tops still hanging!

tipspringcleaningclothesRemember that the clothes rule applies to your shoes ladies. I can hear the “She MUST be crazy” through the computer….but I know there are a lot of women who hoard shoes that they will never wear again just because they hold a memory. If a special memory is the reason why you are still keeping those 5 year old heels with busted soles then place them in a Ziploc bag and put them in the same storage boxes with your sweaters. Clear the clutter!

Now that you have picked through and tossed or donated your year old clothes…organize them. I’m not telling you to color coordinate them…BUT I do love that….I’m saying to stay organized group your tanks, short sleeved, long sleeved, jackets, pants, shorts or dresses together. Once all of your long sleeved shirts or dresses are grouped together take it to the next step. In Florida the heat is already upon us. I place all of my tanks and short sleeve tops next to each other and in a location that is easier to access than my colder weather clothes. Due to the high unlikelihood that Florida will experience chilly summer evenings I fold and store my heavy sweaters in the same Ikea boxes and stack them at the top of my closet. For those of you that already do this good for you! For all of you that will still enjoy some cooler temps (I’m jealous by the way!) for a few more weeks and store their warmer clothes…start to going through your stored summer clothes. Any moths attack your clothes? Toss them. Are there any tops you haven’t worn in a year…donate them.

Remember you don’t have to tackle every room in one day or in one weekend. Take your time and concentrate a day to each area of the home!

So get your clothes ready for Spring and clean out that closet!! Do you have any spring cleaning rules for cleaning out the closet?

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