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Cheap wipe case tip that was a game changer for me. Purchase the Babies R Us wipe case and fill it with whatever brand you like. The BRU case is more durable than the pampers case and has a larger opening for you to reach in for those last two wipes. A little tip that will keep your sanity during diaper changes (especially with a toddler!). Pampers or Huggies or Cloth diapers? Some people swear by one brand over another. I have tried all kinds of diapers and wipes and I have liked several kinds of diapers. But when it comes to the wipes I’m a Pampers Sensitive fan. Today’s post is not about which diapers or wipes are better than the other…that is really a trial by error thing that moms have to figure out what works best for them and their baby’s bum.

No today’s post is all about the wipe case and how this tip will make your life as a mom much easier. Sometimes it’s the little things that will make you go crazy as a mom. For me it was the case that my Pamper’s Sensitive wipes came in. After a few weeks the button that keeps the lid closed broke off. Then it started to drive me crazy that the hole for the wipes to exit was tiny making it near impossible to get the wipes when your almost out.

Some reading this will think who cares, just fill it up with more wipes so you can reach new ones.  But when you have a toddler trying to do the alligator roll while you attempt to use your middle and pointer fingers to clamp the last two wipes in a hurry so the roll doesn’t smear feces on the table or on your arm…then you would also get annoyed at the miniature opening.

So my tip. Get the Babies R Us brand wipe case! I took the wipes out and placed them in a Ziplock bag. The wipes are very rough, so I save them for emergency cleanups in the car. I purchase my Pampers wipes in bulk and keep refill packs in the top drawer of Lily’s changing table. In the BRU’s wipe case I just place a Pampers refill pack inside. So why is the BRU brand wipe case better???? The top has a regular lid that pops open and closes with ease. The Pampers case has a button you press to pop the lid open. The problem is that button breaks very easily and then you can’t keep the lid closed!


The other winning attribute was the very wide opening for the wipes. When Lily tries to her gator roll or uses her left leg and push the changing cushion away from the wall, having that extra wide opening to grab the last wipes comes in handy!!

Great wipe case tip. Purchase the Babies R Us brand wipe case and put whatever wipes you like. The BRU brand wipe case is durable and has large openings to grab the last wipes!

By the way when did changing diapers become so scary!!!!???? Babies might cry and kick their legs, but you can still hold on and control the legs. It’s a full on wrestling match with a toddler. I’m going to have to move diaper changes to the ground pretty soon! So moms go out and get the Babies R Us brand wipe case and fill it with whatever wipes you use. It’s a game changer…well it was for me when I discovered it!

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