Tips To Making Hotels Visits Easier & Safer With A Toddler

How these every day items make staying at a hotel easier & safer with a toddler. Use the hair clips to secure the drapes together so no light gets in and wakes up your sleeping toddler during naps and in the am! Use painters tape to cover any electrical outlets. Bring trash bags to store all worn and dirty clothes...when you get home just take the trash bag directly to the laundry room to make the unpacking process less painful. Always have Ziploc bags to store wet items like bathing suits or dirty baby bottles or feeding utensils. Simple objects that make staying in a hotel much easier for us mommas!I’m all sorts of giddy and anxious because we are going to attempt Disney World with a 22 month old toddler. I’m sure I will have a plethora of information on what worked and what definitely didn’t. So look for that post next week!

We have traveled a lot already with Lily so I am very comfortable with items I need for hotels and tips/tricks to make vacations go as smoothly as possible. Today I bring you three tips to making hotel visits easier and safer for your family.

1. We bring trash bags and Ziplock bags on every trip even if it’s just for one night. We place all of our dirty clothes in the trash bags and wet bathing suits in Ziplock bags. When we get home having that trash bag ready for the laundry room makes it so much easier to unpack and stay organized. We are “over packers”, so it’s nice to keep the clean spare outfits from mixing with the dirty clothes. Ziplocks were also key when I had to bring rice cereal, baby food jars, bowls and spoons. I brought a small dish scrubber and travel size dish soap (that’s another tip in itself), but even if they were clean it was nice to keep all of those items sealed and segregated from clothes.

2. Hair clips are a lifesaver for moms. Dirty hair and don’t have time for a shower???? Throw it up in a bun and secure it with a clip. Besides using them for your hair they can be a lifesaver in a hotel room. Lily is a vampire when she sleeps and any light that seeps into the hotel room can ruin a nap leading to a toddler tantrum later on. Most hotels have heavy blackout curtains, but they never fully close. There always seems to be a beam of light that shines right between that tiny opening between the curtains. I overlap the curtains and use my handy hair clip to secure them together so no light creeps in and disturb my sleeping beauty. I will do anything to get a full rested toddler!

3. My other tip for a hotel stay with a toddler regards making the room safe for your kid. At home we go to great lengths to make sure each room is safe, so while we are away we attempt the same wherever we stay. Outlet covers were made for a reason, and sometimes I feel Lily is the poster child for why those little plastic caps are important. Like a moth to a flame she finds outlets and if there’s an uncovered outlet under the couch on the floor…somehow she will find it. To keep Lily save I bring painter’s tape and cover the outlet with it. Yes the color might attract her, but by the time she gets the chance to start picking away a corner of the tape I can stop her. We all know it only takes a moment for a kid to get hurt and that applies to outlets. If I’m staying in a condo or in a hotel for a longer stay I will actually bring a small Ziplock bag with outlets covers from home.

Do you have any easy tips for staying in a hotel with a kid? I’m always looking for ideas!

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