And It Happened Again

3rdervisitSo today there was no continuing post from Disney World because we had yet another trip to the ER last night for Lily! I wasn’t kidding when I told you last time that in an instant anything could happen to your kid.

Last time I was brushing my teeth and in an instant Lily grabbed a bottle of Alkalife, twisted the top of (something she’s never been able to do) and drank half of the bottle. She was standing right next to me. Read all about the nightmare here.

Monday night was just like any other night as I was holding Lily on my hip as I prepped her dinner. I started to open a can of green beans…and yes I have achieved those awesome mom skills to hold an almost two year old on my hip, clip on the can holder and then twist it open while singing along to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now 9 out of 10 times when I open a can I always leave the lid attached. Yet my super mom skills must have been lacking because the lid completely popped off and fell to the floor.

As I lowered her to the ground to pick it up, Lily exhibited her super toddler speed and reached it before me. As soon as she touched it she let go and started screaming. I didn’t realized what had happened until she swung her tiny hand up to my face and I saw her bloody finger. As soon as I saw it I knew it was bad enough to need medical attention.

Wrapping her finger and hand in a kitchen towel, I started to dial my mom on speaker, hoist her back on my hip and reached for a bag of lollipops at the top of the pantry. Mike was gone for business and times like these are when I’m so blessed that my mom lives so close. I had her hold Lily on her lap while gripping her hand in the kitchen towel while I drove to the ER.

Oh the waiting room was brutal. I’m assuming the pain subsided for her because she cheered up for some snacks and a few episodes of Mickey Mouse on the iPad. And then Lily decided to clap her hands along to the music and bless her heart she must have hit the top of the finger because she started to scream. She would cry off and on until we were finally called back.

I laid with her on the bed as a male nurse held down her legs and body and I held back her head and arms while the doctor injected numbing medicine into her finger. I have never ever heard my child cry out in pain like I witnessed Monday night. The sight was nauseating as her tiny finger received 5 stitches. Her wails calmed to a small cry that then ended in sad deep sobbing breaths. She was bandage up and a metal splint was used to keep her from further hurting the stitched area. Doctor orders are to stay away from baths and swimming in the pool for 10 days…oh and to keep it bandaged…awesome orders for toddler!

erbandagesMy mom and I got her home and we said goodnight to what I thought was a traumatic day. Today my mom came back over so I could clean up the house for a visit from my in-laws on Wednesday. Yes the ER visit was timed perfectly huh! Lily hates Band Aids or anything sticking to her so leaving these bandages on for 10 days is going to be a pain. Lily attempted to take the metal splint off twice with my mom and I watching her. I don’t know why she tried after the first time when she realized the amount of pain it would cause her.

When she woke up from her nap I thought I could take her to Publix on my own and she would be in toddler heaven with the free cookies. Boy was I wrong. She started to have a fit so I gave in and headed for the check out. Right before I got in line Lily let out a cry in shear pain. I looked down and she angrily ripped her bandage again and this time she ripped it off further than the previous times. I reached out and held the splint and her hand so she didn’t do anything to the stitches. A Publix employee walked by and I asked him if he would kindly help me unload my groceries. There was an older couple checking out in front of me who had stopped us in an isle in attempts to make her smile after noticing her whining. The woman started to help with my groceries and I just started to tear up. Then another employee came up behind me and asked if she could get Lily a balloon and I just lost it. The guy stopped and put his hand on me and asked if I was all right and I told him yes and that I didn’t understand what was coming over me. The lady came back with the balloon and proceeded to calm my daughter….and me! I took out my sunglasses to mask my teary eyes from Lily and called Mike to see how close he was to getting home.

Lily stopped crying as long as I held on to her hand and the lady helped check us out, walk with us to my car and load the bags (something I never let them do as the heat in Florida is brutal and I walking the buggy back counts for exercise right?). Mike showed up two minutes later, took Lily and her hand and got in the back seat. That sweet lady gave me the tightest hug and whispered some kind words. I have come so close to sobbing in public, but have always been able to keep it in. Today I just cried like a baby in the last isle at the grocery store with plenty of onlookers. As we drove off I started to sob again to Mike in the backseat. It has been a rough 24 hours and I have 9 more days of keeping that metal splint on her hand. I’ll have my in-laws for five days so that will help keep Lily busy and a nice bottle of wine that my dear friend Kelsey dropped off for me! So again sorry for not getting that next Disney post out to ya’ll…it has been a little crazy over here!

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  1. Kelsey commented:
    May 1, 2013 Reply

    Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Love you so much Amy!! BIG HUGS! xoxox

  2. Amy Romano commented:
    May 1, 2013 Reply

    Seriously! I think the tears flowed harder because of kindness these strangers showed me….Thanks again for that wine…it was needed! xo

  3. mckay commented:
    May 1, 2013 Reply

    keeping a bandage on lily’s finger for 10 days?! I’m feeling for you my dear! glad you will have some extra help this week…xoxo

  4. March 30, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for finally writing about > %blog_title% < Loved it!

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