Favorites Lately: vol. 1

favoritesvol1titleWith our trip to Disney World and Mother’s Day this weekend I have been treating myself to a few shopping trips and have fallen in love with everything. Everything! Most times I get home I either second guess a tunic or the blazer doesn’t fit right (because Lily’s tantrum prevented me from tying it on!) and I make a few returns. Some of these purchases are so awesome I have gone back to get them in other colors! And yes I’ve thrown in a few items that are for Lily…it’s so hard not to shop for my mini me!

So take a peek at some of my favorites lately!

1. Drapey Woven Shorts from Loft $39.50
I’m a huge fan of Ann Taylor’s Loft brand. When I went searching for some cute but comfortable shorts for our trip to Disney World I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon these. The sorts are a light linen, perfect for Florida heat, and the elastic waist bumps that comfort level even higher. I loved these so much I purchased three pairs in black, rust and grey.

2. Viola Flower Sandals from Loft $39.50
Sandals are a staple for Florida living. As a stay-at-home mom to a toddler slipping on sandals to run errands makes my life easier. These charming flower sandals are so light weight I went ahead and picked up another pair in black (I got them on sale too!).

3. Gapfit drapey tunic from Gap $26.95 $24.99
Now that I’m getting back to pre-baby shape (finally) I purchased this work out top so I could feel prettier when I worked out. I don’t know but there is something about actually looking good while I attempt a burpee or running jumping jacks that keeps me going back to my trainer. I’m starting to like my body again and I‘m tired of sporting oversized shirts! This shirt is ridiculously soft Lily rubs her hands back and forth on it just like her lovey!

favoritesvol1middle4. One Shoulder Applique Dress from Soma $89 $64.99
Have you heard of Soma? This store has more than just intimates and loungewear! Sometimes I have been able to find some super cute dresses and they are so comfy that I could sleep in them. I own two maxi dresses from them but the one above is my favorite. You can dress it up or wear it to Panera with flip flops. I’m obsessed with the super soft stretch knit jersey material. It receives major points for removable foam bra cups that help shape and conceal on those days I just don’t want to put a bra on! If you head into their store check out their pajamas. I have two pairs and they are my favorite pjs, but warning for the young hip momma some of the prints are a bit scary…but there are plenty of options!

5. Dior Nail Glow from Sephora $24
This stuff is fab. When your just not feeling a specific color apply Dior’s Nail Glow to give your nails a shiny light color of pink. Your nails will appear as if you went and got an American manicure!

6. Lowercase “L” letter initial necklace in gold from Olive Yew
My dear friend Emily Ley gave me this sweet neck candy for my birthday. I had been wanting a light weight necklace with Lily’s initial and Emily must have been reading my mind. The 17 inch chain hangs at the perfect length and for someone with sensitive skin I have had no problems wearing this sweet charm. (Thanks Em!)

7. Gold Envelope Clutch in gold from Gap $39.95
It’s nice to own a cute clutch for the rare times I leave the house without my diaper bag! You can’t beat this price either.

favoritesvol1minime8. DVF babyGap Wrap Dress from Gap $45
Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg is back with her second collection for the wee ones at Gap. Known for her wrap dresses I picked up this bright snorkel blue print for Lily. I purchased a white eyelet wrap dress when she was one and the material was a bit crisp and Lily wasn’t comfortable in it. This time around the material is stretchy cotton that has me full of envy over that tiny size t-3 (I got it in a bigger size so she can wear it longer!) Because the material is so soft I will be picking up another one before they sell out again!

9. Embellished flower jelly sandals from Gap $16.95
Memories of my jelly sandals as a child hit me when I saw these and of course I needed to get Lily a pair. With spring and summer weather these shoes are perfect for errands or trips to the beach or pool. Gap sells another style with a strap across the foot and I found that these are a lot easier to get on and appear to be more comfortable for her feet. I may or may not be going back for the neon yellow and blue sandals too!

10. Gingham one-piece from Gap $24.95 $19.99
Gap had me at gingham. Yes the weather in Florida has already allowed us to wear bathing suits and this one was too cute to pass up!

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