Finding The Funny In Parenting

findingfunnytitleParenting is tough. Even if your kid is great at one thing (like sleeping) you will undoubtedly experience one or more difficult parenting hurdles along the way.

Breastfeeding difficulty. Teething. Horrible napper. Tantrums. Picky eaters. Those that hit, kick, bite or spit.

And for those that have a 10 year old and never experienced any issues…I seriously wonder if you have a human and not a stuff doll because I don’t know any parent that has escaped the tantrum stage.

All these difficult hurdles can seem like Mount Everest when you add in other factors like post partum depression or just regular PMS us moms have to continue to experience each month until menopause.

Some days I end the day in bed thinking “Geeze today was a good one. I can’t believe I actually got all my errands completed, cooked all three meals (been slacking and enjoying way too much take out lately!), laundry completed & hung, had some quality moments with Lily and there were no tantrums or boo-boos (Lily has been a magnet to accidents lately). “

Then there are those days (and keeping it honest…the day above is the rarity) I want to crawl in the fetal position as I wave a white flag before its even noon. Almost a year ago I shared my view on being happy and to be happy you have to make the choice to be happy. As a mom of a toddler knee deep in terrible twos (mind you she is only 23 months!) I have to remind myself that on the daily. I do try….oh how I try to be happy when I’m in public and my child is having a fit because she inhaled her free cookie at the grocery store and her horrible momma won’t give her another one.

And by fit I mean violently shaking her head back and forth (sometimes hitting her head on the cart which then makes it worse), tossing the groceries from the cart when I’m grabbing for the milk, spitting on the floor because Elmo just taught her that while learning to brush her teeth and then reaching and successfully grabbing all the fun items in hands reach during check out (I have had to buy 3 ripped magazines, 1 chewed Twix and Tic Tacs that broke open when they fell). Oh I stay silent, do a little praying to Jesus and give a kind but hurry-the-heck-up eye movement to the cashier and bagger. In the car while I crank the AC up to full blast to help with the gallon of sweat from the public tantrum I repeat “She loves me…this is just a phase…my child loves me….this is just a phase…”.

Those days, at those moments it is just impossible to choose happiness. At nap time or lying in bed at night is when I make my choice to turn it around. I try finding the humor in parenting to get me back in game.

Most of the time the way I do this is by calling Mike (when he’s working on the road) or texting my girlfriends the latest toddler meltdown. I usually get the most laughs from my friends because Mike’s replies typically say…yikes, whoa, sorry or go have a beer. Whereas my girlfriends follow back with their latest toddler tale that is equal to or even more crazy than mine…the end result is that I’m cracking up and moving on.

On days where I feel Lily is hell bent on being difficult I whip out my computer and glance through old pictures. I head directly to the ones that make me smile, laugh and sometimes laughing until I cry or pee (mom problems).

My favorite is a few I took of Lily waking up from a nap. She was still dazed when I rushed in with the camera snapping away.  Ugh…really mom…what is this….then there is arm in the sky hell yeah pose that just cracks me up.

findingfunnymorningfaceOr Mike and I will crack open a beer at night and recall funny Lily moments or down right embarrassing parent moments that have us laughing so hard we cry. Like this gem….Mike kindly downloaded an app to Lily’s iPad that makes fart noises. Yes, there is an app for that. It is a drum set where you can press various circles to hear different fart sounds. Now I knew Mike put that on his iPad, but I had no clue it was on Lily’s. While shopping in Old Navy I gave her the iPad so I could get in and out without a tantrum. With my back turned I thought I heard someone rip one and glanced around to see who the nasty culprit was. I didn’t have to look far. The embarrassing part was that I didn’t realize it was my own toddler (yes they sound that real) until I noticed a lady staring at Lily with bugged out eyes. My face was ten shades dark red. BUT I kept shopping. Yep I let Lily go to town on her farting keyboard just so I could shop.

findingfunnynosepickingOr how about nose picking. It is disgusting and Lily just discovered it. I snapped these beauties recently and homegirl was not pleased that I caught her in the act….but it makes me cringe and giggle in the same breath.

Or there was this…findingfunnydogfood
One day while I was finishing cooking my dinner, I walked over to Lily who hysterically laughing and leaning over to our dog Bentley. All of her food was gone, so I assumed she fed it to him. Except I noticed that Bentley was standing up on his back legs and trying to dig his nose in the blinds. Every time his nose went into the blinds Lily just laughed harder.

findingfunnydogfood1So I walked over, lifted the blinds and I found her dinner….At the time it wasn’t hilarious. Lily tossed everything off her high chair that night. Now I can see the funny…


Parenting is tough. Some days are easy. Some days I wish I could be Evie from Out Of This World and pause time to get a breather. One day when I make it out of the toddler years I’m convinced I will be able to tackle anything. So to stay happy and sane I’m going to continue to find the funny in parenting…

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