Friday Link Love: vol. 3

linkloveIt’s Friday whoop whoop!!!

We are starting our Friday off by paying a visit to my friend Rachel’s new home and having an outdoor play date with some of Lily’s buddies. Mike gets home from a two day work trip and we start the weekend off right with sushi for dinner. Junior year in college my roommate convinced me to try a California roll and now yearn and obsess of getting my raw fish fix.

So to start your Friday off right take a minute for these hilarious links!

The labor pain simulation has been hitting up the Internet by storm…and of course it is! I think every wife would like their husbands to experience this so they would really know.

Still on a Mother Day high here is the cutest ode to mothers. This kid cracks me up and his giggle is contagious!

Prenatal Pole Dancing??? Of course Funny or Die thought about making a video about this and Christina Applegate kills it!

Lily will watch videos of herself forever. The videos on my iPhone have saved me more times to count from a public tantrum. From the createters of JibJab (those funny videos you can make of elves dancing with your face) comes a cute website Story Bots. There you can upload a picture of your child’s face to a robot’s body and y’all can laugh and sing along to your mini robot while they dance along to some classic songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old McDonald. Your robot kid can even star in his or her own online book! They have an app for your iPhone too and it’s FREE called ABC Videos by StoryBots where your kid can learn their letters in a fun and interactive way. That’s robot Lily singing “With a Cluck cluck here…”


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