Friday Link Love: vol. 4

linkloveThe great thing about three day weekends is that you only have four days until the next weekend. If that doesn’t make you smile then jump to some of these links for a laugh!

My trainer often sends me hilarious videos, but this video had me crying tears. It’s a video that I often go back to watch just for a quick laugh! ….”Tow that finga UP…shake it off!”

Then there was this gem I found yesterday thanks to CNN….have you heard of prancersize? Listen I’m giving this lady credit for at least getting out there and attempting to motivate people to workout. Let’s face it working out is not pretty…but this lady is attempting to change that. I think the ‘gallop’ is my favorite (at 2:24 mark). Watch the video here.

Jimmy Kimmel is GENIOUS!!!!! Try not to laugh at this video. Oh and then he had this challenge (the last two boys are my fav!).

Then Kimmel pulled this one…and the Christmas tree part almost had me peeing my pants.

Enjoy the weekend folks:)

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